...possibly the next Pope?

Aloha fellow Dopers, this isn’t a comment on my personal beliefs, but I found it to be of interest. I guess it could be considered a poll of sorts. Do any of you have comments or inside info. on who the next pope might be?
According to several cites I’ve found, Jean Marie (Aaron) Lustiger may be the guy.



How about Cardinal Lustiger? There’s probably some Dopers in Europe that have more info. regarding the Archbishop. From what I’ve read, he seems to be an inspiration and perhaps an excellent choice. While on the other hand, there are some who apparently feel he may do more harm than good.

What say the Teeming Millions in this globally important decision which will inevitably occur?

Got to go to work now, but I’ll see ya later!

Before all the ahem stuff hit the fan, I kept seeing in my mind Cardinal Law becoming the first American Pontiff.

That’s out now, right?

I don’t know enough about The Church to have any other comments. Thanks for the links.

Well, that WOULD be interesting- we’d have the first Jewish Pope since St. Peter!

For those who don’t know, Cardinal Lustiger is Jewish. Or, at least, both his parents were Jewish. The Holocaust was raging when he was a small child, and his parents gave him to a Catholic couple to keep him safe. Naturally, they raised him Catholic… and he MAY be the next Pope. One wonders if that will freak out some Catholics!

Of course, several of the other leading contenders are Africans. So, the chances of a black Pope are pretty strong. THAT may freak out some people, too!