Possums in the attic

What’s next, bats in the belfry?

SWMBO and I have been having some serious renovations done on the house. We had quite a lot of places where the wood under the eaves had rotted, etc. That work was completed a couple of days ago and we started hearing…noises.

Noises, hell. It sounded like horse races in the attic. I go up and look and voila - a possum sticks his head out and looks back at me. I call critter control the next morning, they come out and put a trap in the attic. About 8:00 that night, we hear a WHUNK! up in the attic. I go up and look and yep - there’s a possum in the trap. Critter control comes and gets it the next day, puts another trap up. About the same time that night - WHUNK! We have another one. They come get it and leave a third trap just to be on the safe side. No WHUNK! last night, so hopefully we have them all. Which will be good, because it’s expensive; I have to pay 80 clams for each one removed and released in the wild.

I suggested that we save money and have possum stew instead, but for some reason, SWMBO vetoed that idea…

It’s a trained possum. The possum gets 20%.


Oh, very nice!:cool:

I give that one a 9.3 score.

Then I’m really screwed, because it was apparently a husband-wife team. We got the female first, then the male.

Paying off Pogo’s deadbeat relatives…