Post Count for Guests?

OK, I realize that this would come pretty far down Jerry’s list. Probably right after “check out the NSFW pic thread”, for all this will matter to most people.

What I’d like to see is post counts and locations return for guests, now that we’re allowed to stick around (or in most cases, return) after 30 days. Makes sense from a consistency point of view, at least for me, since we’re all equal members of the board again.

Like I said, a low-priority RFE. But something to keep in mind if it’s a quick change.

If guests had all the privileges of members, what would be the incentive to join?

It was my understanding that they don’t want to incentivize people to join now.

Actually it’s a matter of choice, your choice.

Once Jerry gets all the stuff worked out of the system – it’s still pretty buggy but he’s making progress – purchase of a SDMB subscription will get you an experience sans ads.

Otherwise the experience is much the same for Guests and Members. But you can choose what you want.

I am by no means the last word on this and things may or may not change in future but that is what I know currently.

I agree. And I don’t see this so much as incentive to pay; it seems this is beneficial to the people reading the posts than the poster. I don’t much care if anyone knows my post count and location. I do find that I reference this for many of the posts I read.


I don’t think SDMB will refuse your money. They didn’t refund mine.

As a longtime lurker I’ve found locations are often helpful.

As a new poster, well, I’m thrilled to be able to do so.

In the meantime, would my signature be an acceptable alternative?

How about for Charter Members, though? I know that post counts don’t make too much difference, but I think there’s still a bit of a mentality that if someone doesn’t have a post count, they’re not considered ‘full’ members. I think my post count was something like 1,000 when I lapsed, and I’ve been here over eight years, but I have more or less the same priveleges as ‘guests’ did during the pay period. (OK, I can use the Search function, but that hasn’t worked for me once since the upgrade).

I don’t really care about the post count, but it would be nice if we could have location fields back for everyone.