Post Counts and Starting Threads

I happened to notice my post count today because I hit 2700. So there’s that post. Then I posted again. That’s 2701. Then I started a thread. That post should have been 2702. Now I’m starting this thread so this should be 2703. I’ll hazard a guess and say that my post count remains at 2701, which is what it says on the OP of the other thread I started. When a person starts a thread, does the OP count as a post?

This is by no means a complaint, just an observation that caused confusion so now I’m asking. Just to clear things up and everything. :slight_smile:

Interesting… The OP of this thread is post number 2702. So why didn’t my post count change when I started “Code Red” in IMHO? Strange.

Methinks it probably takes the server some time to update post counts. The poor thing’s running at full capacity as it is…

I’ve noticed even on my little Board that sometimes you have to manually refresh vBulletin via an Admin function to update post counts. If you wait long enough, it will do it itself.