Post Editing

Is it considered bad form to do this?

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Youll get all the newbies' undies in a bundle as they try to figure out how to edit their own posts. This will undoubtedly cause numerous submissions to the Mods as how some can and some cant edit their own work. Of course, the truth is that only the ELITE can edit their posts.

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The real key is in the time stamp…I’m not sure if it puts the local time, or user’s time. Yours appears to me to have been edited an hour before it was posted.

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Actually, in a jocular thread in the pit about mods hogging all the cool powers, I was going to post something like this:

But I figured I shouldn’t. :smiley:
Oh, and Diver, the time stamp on the left is keyed to the time settings of whoever’s reading it. (I think)

You can’t get too far with the joke, ** USCDiver **, when your “editing timestamp” is out by several minutes. :wink:

Ha - On my screen your post shows the original at 2:57 and the edit at 4:05. It shows my orignal at 3:07 and the edit at 3:08.
WTF. I have to stop fidgeting with the time machine I guess.

There was a recent Pit thread where we let it go for a while because it was funny and central to the OP.

But generally, yes. It is extremely poor form and violates our rules.