Post-Election Pardon Parade Kicks Off

And the first accomplice pardoned is…

Who’s next?

Trump’s finest moments are those in which he pardons turkeys.

If the nightmare of Trump’s four years was basically a dumpster fire, the next couple of months are going to be like … I dunno, something like an exploding dumpster filled with bat shit. The supernova of dumpster fires. I predict the word “unprecedented” is going to be used a lot, even more than over the past four years.

So much for the “Law and Order” President.

(Flynn immediately shoots to the top of the planned witness list for every ambitious prosecutor looking to tear down this avalanche of goblins.)

Avalanche of Goblins should be the title of the first post-Trump history of his administration.

Former prosecutor suggests that Judge Emmet Sullivan could nullify Flynn pardon as being corrupt and hence illegal: