Post Graduation Vacation: Where should I go?

So I will be graduating from college in 123 days or so. It’s been a successful 4.5 years with 2 internships and a full time job offer for December. I think I deserve a vacation before stepping out into the “real” world.

My first thoughts were a cruise to somewhere warm. The biggest problem with that is I graduate on December 16th and that is terribly close to Christmas/New Year when prices jump three fold. Now I know it’s probably going to be like that no matter where I go, but if I’m going to spend the money maybe I should put a little more thought into this.

My travels thus far in life have been somewhat limited so the options are plentiful. I live in Illinois and I’ve seen enough of it. Other states include Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Georgia, Texas, and Florida. I’ve been to Cancun thrice and last but not least I went on a Royal Caribbean cruise to Nassau, Coco Cay, and the Florida Keys.

Everywhere else is up for grabs. Oh, forgot to mention that I’d prefer it to be somewhat warmer than Illinois in December and I kind of want something exciting, maybe a little different (hence rethinking the cruise idea). I have about 7 days or so after graduation so a week would be good. I do have a budget but I think most plans can be altered to accomodate that part of the plan. I guess the cheaper the better because it would be easier to convince others to go with, but I’m open to anything. And hey, if you’re up for an adventure with a total stranger then let’s go!

Give me some suggestions. Shoot me your questions and I’ll be happy to answer. I’m hoping I get some good ideas out of this. Thanks!

Currently my interest is in a tour of Africa. If you’ve done a tour somewhere in Africa tell me where and what that was like.