Post Here if You Beat"The World is Not Enough" on 007 Level

Ha I did it. And this will probably be the only place I can a brag about it and be recognized by my accomplishment in doing so. Although doing it didn’t make me one red cent or no did I learn one new thing about life.

I think video games should give you like a $5 rebate for beating them through the last level. At least you would feel you spent all that time for something worth while.

Many congratulations. I’ve never played TWINE, but I mastered Goldeneye. Got all the codes, beat everything on 00 Agent, am quite capable of demolishing most everyone in multiplayer mode.

Now I’m working on Perfect Dark, and it’s SO much harder. I haven’t even beat all the levels on Secret Agent, and not even a single level on Perfect Agent. I don’t think I’ll ever conquer it like I did with Goldeneye.


Perfect Dark, now I would like to play that one but something is funky on it. There seemed to be no missions like Goldeneye or TWINE. I just seem to run around shooting robot looking people. Is there something I am doing wrong? Or is there some hardware I am missing?

btw Congradulations on beating Goldeneye! That one took me about year to complete all the 007 missions.

This is why its so hard to justify buying an N64. The console is just as much as a Playstation, but the games are SO much more expensive. However, the games I’m interested in - Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, etc. - last so long, you can justify it.