Post ID# Icon For Each Reply In A Thread?

I realize that this may seem to be a further demand on an already taxed SDMB server, but what about an icon that generates a direct pointer to a given reply in a certain thread?

There may be savings in system overhead by linking to a limited text region rather than bog things by having someone (or everyone pursuing a link) search an entire thread for one reply. I calculate (i.e., SWAG) that it should take only several gigs of server base and a few dozen hours of coding to create this option. I would be happy to provide beta testing. I firmly believe that there could be potential savings of cycle time here.

Anyway, thought I’d cheerfully piss all of you off by suggesting something that might actually streamline things a bit.

Special Note: To all of the board administrators, moderators and support teams; many thanks, all the best for this holiday season.

Warmest Wishes,


Well, while it may not be currently feasible to make an icon for this purpose (I assume you mean one similar to the “Quote post” option), it’s obvious that some people know how to link to posts directly. Perhaps, at the very least, we can have someone explain how to do it? Maybe add it to the FAQ?


Here let me explain

Use this formula:

Where the x’s are replaced with the post id number (same for both spots). The post id number can, of course, be obtained by hovering the mouse over the quote button.


Hope this helps any of those who need it. And if I’ve messed up anywhere, a thousand pardons.

Zenster, it’s a good idea, however, the board seldom makes changes to the standard templates supplied with the software. Usually, it’s suggested to take your ideas to vBulletin and hopefully have it incorporated in a version update.

Also, it doesn’t change the impact on the server. The server sends you the whole page and disconnects from you. The server isn’t involved while you are scrolling around looking for a particular post.

Instead of just raining on your parade, I’ll tell you what I find to be a simpler way to go to a post than the syntax that Corvus and others use.

Just add “#postxxxxxx” (without quotes and ‘xxxxxx’ is the postid number found by hovering over the Quote icon) to the end of the URL in the location/address bar. Highlight it and copy the new URL.
For your original post that would look like this:


Thanks for the pointers (as it were). Sadly, my self- inflicted AOL does not display the entire line of information that would show the post ID#. Hovering over the quote icon merely shows a reply window. The line at the bottom of the window is incomplete.


Zen, there are other ways to get the PostID. Click either the Edit/Delete icon or the Logged link. You’ll get a screen that says “Hey, Dude, you can’t do that!”, but the PostID will be at the end of the URL. Just hit the Back button and procede onward.


Wouldn’t the reply window address be the same?
Try reply with quote and see if it puts a number into the address bar. Some of the other buttons also seem to have the same number.

Jim, you are so at the top of my list. Thanks for the solution. Guess I need to dick around with the forbidden admin functions more often.

If you ever need a recipe, just email me or post in my recipe thread. It’s yours.

Yeah, No Bones, the Quote icon does the same thing. If hovering over it shows the PostID in the status line, then going ahead and clicking it will end up with the same thing in the URL.

The main thing is just to get the PostID, so any way you have to go about it works out the same.

Thanks, Zen for the recipe offer. I cook rather simple stuff and like to grill things, so I’m not sure how you can help me out. Unless you can get KFC original out of my Fry Daddy, I can get Extra Crispy.


Another way to get the post id is to right-click on the quote icon, then select “copy shortcut”. You can paste this somewhere and extract the post id.

Excellent method Zyg, feel free to join Jim on my list. Man, this is one thread that paid off!

Looks like I’m going to have to paste the number into a template post ID# pointer like you mentioned Jim. Sigh, this is only about five times more work.

Don’t worry about it, you’re right, that way is much simpler. I knew that there were several ways to do it, but that was the only example I could find. I am in your debt, and to echo Zenster’s sentiments, you are definitely on top of my list!

Actually Corvus, your method is much easier. All that I need to extract is the absolute post number and paste it twice into the pointer template. Thanks to all of you for your help. You will see the results in my 2,000th post in MPSIMS. Rest assured that all of you will be credited for your help with this.