Post J. Lynch is the military deliberately not putting women in harm's way anymore?

I can’t recall any military women being killed in direct combat for some time now. Did the Jessica Lynch incident change the military posture on potentially putting women in harm’s way?

Nothing changed. Female Deaths in Combat

Well, considering that the US armed forces never allowed women into the combat arms anyway, I’m not sure what more they could do.

Well, considering that the US armed forces never allowed women into the combat arms anyway, I’m nost sure what more they could do.

Yes, women are not allowed in combat arms (Infantry, Artillery, Combat Engineer), but are allowed in service support groups which provide direct support to infantry units, i.e. supply, motor transport, firefighting, and many more. These combat arms units are bearing a pretty ‘nice’ casualty rate. I am assuming that a huge number of female deaths are from the motor transport side do to the IED’s that are taking out the military vehicles enroute to supply the troops. With that being said, each infantry batallion (Marines) have a Headquarters Company that has a Motor T (Transport) unit attached to them, which only allow men since it is a Infantry Batallion.

Women serve in all branches of the Army except Infantry and Armor (and officially, Special Forces). To say that another way, they serve in these combat arms:

Air Defense Artillery

Also women often come into combat as Military Police and Engineers. Both of these branches are darn close to combat arms.

The reason you do not hear of (Western) women dying in Iraq is that it is so common as to no longer be newsworthy.

Women serve in Artillery? In what position? In the Marines women are not allowed in Artillery Batteries. Maybe in some far off support unit?

Cite? I believe as of recently there’s roughly 2,500 military dead since the invasion. I haven’t seen any statistics showing which percentage of those were women.

This link has a list of many of the military dead by name, and I don’t see very many female names there (unfortunately of course some names are unisex so it isn’t the best way to tell gender.)

Also, women are allowed to serve as pilots in combat aircraft. There are plenty of women who are fighter/bomber/cargo/helo pilots. I personally know two ladies who were trained to fly over Moscow and “schedule a second sunrise” in the B-52H.

IIRC, weren’t there a couple of cases in Desert Storm where female aircrew were shot down over Iraq?

I would guess the military couldn’t keep women out of harm’s way if they wanted to; they seem to need every competent soldier they have.

Certainly some of the women are proving quite competent indeed.
Sgt. Hester is not only the first woman since WWII to earn the Silver Star; she’s the first woman ever to earn the Silver Star for valor in direct combat.

Rock on, Leigh Ann! :cool:

From the linked articles, date 6/17/05-

“The medal, rare for any soldier, underscores the growing role in combat of U.S. female troops in Iraq’s guerrilla war, where tens of thousands of American women have served, 36 have been killed and 285 wounded, according to Pentagon figures.”

I imagine that number has increased somewhat in a year.

When I retired (15 years ago) women served in MRLS batteries. Heck I think they served in tube batteries too. There may be some FO positions closed to women.