Post Office Warning

Mail service has been delayed considerably due to the intermittent closures of O’Hare and JFK airports.
Personally, I had a first class letter take 8 days to go coast to coast.
This should only effect mail going cross country, not stuff staying within the same general area.
The Post Office uses OHare and JFK as major shipping hubs, so the slowdown in these areas will cause nationwide problems.
And that’s why my secret Santa package is late…sort of.

when did they close JFK? That’s about 5 miles from here, and the weather has been good. Chicago has been bombed, though. Could you have a closure in DC, maybe?

So I guess my letter to racinchikki is gonna take awhile to get there :frowning: (TX to Albany, NY)

You can’t get an 8 day delay out of air traffic. No airplanes were idled more than a day.

But there’s lots of misrouted mail this time of year. They have temps at every post office for the flow, plus the extra “Santa” boxes. Plus so many out with colds or holiday plans.

I was there at PO today. I saw a sign saying in Jan the postage is going to 34 cents. I was going to buy stamps. I said to give me ten 34 cents stamps. YOu know what happened? They only sell 20 at a time. Yep. So I got 33 cent stamps & 1 cent stamps.