Post random lines from random "poems" you've written

I’m sure other people, like me, have from time to time written random “poems” (and I put it in quotes, as what I really mean is things-that-rhyme-but-don’t-necessarily-have-artistic-merit) for random inside joke occasions, to woo women, etc. Here is a thread for posting random phrases or couplets from them, out of context. I have two:
Nine months will be tough, but we’re sure you’ll pull through
And when it’s all done, you’ll have a small Jew
Such fun to schooze! Just like when Jews
Get drunk and spin the dreidel twice
Here’s how to most impress your hosts:
By bringing them some Edelweiss

Two couplets inspired by our hyper-affectionate dogs:

“When the heart goes thumpa-thumpa
The tail goes whumpa-whumpa”

Good God, you make me sick!”

Nostalgia grips me tight
As I lay here at quarter to four
Will I look back on this night
And wish I had written more?

Oh, please don’t pee on my Peonies
Oh please don’t pee on my plants
If you’ve got to go
then I think you should know
I’d rather you pee’d in your pants.

-[sub][sub]Yes, it’s a song[/sub][/sub]

Do you like to ride a swing,
Into the sky so blue?
It’s the most wonderful thing,
That I like to do!

Into the air, over a wall,
I can see so wide!
Trees and rivers and mountains and all,
In the countryside.

I go low and I go high,
Viewing almost anything!
Up in the air, I like to fly,
When I ride a swing!

NOTE: Inspired by Stevenson’s “THE SWING”

skin, to chew on
and think
in the dark

To the west the pine trees blow in a swoon
And a star hangs a cross the crescent moon.
I wish my muse would come back.

That sounds suspiciously like REAL poetry. What’s up with that?

Welcome to Disney World.
Hope you have fun.
Now give us all your money and your firstborn son.

(That poem actually came to me in a dream, and I wasn’t even under the influence!)

No place to run, no where to hide
from carbon-tetra-chloride.

(From my fridge poetry set)

are you dry
drink liquid s here
from morning to evening
or after dark
use a glass

You’re only supposed to post random lines or couplets, out of context from your poems.

Here are a few examples. I will not be posting the poems in full because most of them were lost in a hard drive crash in 2003.

He was eight. He jumped out the window once.

  • from Why I Cooked the Dog

your name a dark nightblooming flower opening to breathe

  • from Marie

Now and then a man is mad,
marinated in the sacred pee, consecrated to the subway God.

  • from Subway

Only exceptionally beautiful women
in Latvia.

  • from In Latvia

We live mostly out of habit, but there are worse reasons.

Come to the church with me
And see Phoebe be Phoebe Bebe

The water on the river sparkles
I sit, dull as dust
and massage reality into words.

The water on the river sparkles
Red leaves flicker in the slanting light
Cathode rays assault my eyes.

From an attempt to write a conservative folk song:

This ain’t a situation where you’re free to choose
You’ve got to pay your union dues!

From an attempt to write a pop hit:

“Love all those you can”
Is advice you can trust
Be you woman or man
I am saying you must…

She sits perched on raptor claws
argent wings swept back in the sun.
My demon lover.

(part of a longer poem about flying all the time)

Terrible wounds can produce beautiful scars.

or, from a punk song I wrote when I was 15:

Small minds have conspired
together to make a single thought
about what to take away
and new ways for you to get caught

That’s interesting. I rather like it.

Okay, two random sentences from a poem I wrote about a year ago:

First person ever created.
God wove the threads of her soul and formed
the neck,
the womb,
the wet grey brain with the spirit glowing through bright eyes with the fire of the sun reminiscent of a sweet georgic summer with light night breezes on top of rock strewn shepherd hillsides.

Random slabs of poem gristle.

my love for you
is a flickering electric blue thought
on the dying breath and vaulted hush
of a late summer dusk

crawl with
quiet, scuttling
over the husk
of a real life

her gingham pinafore billowing
spirals up
from the damp loam
past the smoldering conifers
over the ocher hills

your children striding past you
into infinity
the earth precesses
whirling about it’s axis
the arrow of time
brushes past your face

This Is Your Valentine
My Valentine To You
relative reality is handy
contextual candy
until the urgent, electric day
comes calling

the arc of her life
spiraled out
a flickering
stutter of fate

idly considering
the rise of your hip
and the swell of your breast
crashing against the endless shore

skittering past empty streets
kissing the earth
wheeling into the wind
on a lemon bright, cloudless day
the sky is opening into the heavens