Post Saddam Iraq

Ok… I need some clarification. Setting aside opinions whether or not we should attack, we have all these nations of the UN abstaining and threatening Veto against a war with Iraq. Yet at the same time, the news the last few days keeps saying the UN is now planning on a post-Saddam Iraq.

So the UN as a whole is opposed to going to war, but at the same time, they aren’t in support of expediting the means of making it a post-Saddam Iraq.

Is the UN so optimistic there will be exile or a coup involved? Personally, I give this scenario a 5% chance of possibility.


Maybe my thoughts on paper aren’t clear.

The news keeps speaking about the UN making preparations for a post-Saddam Iraq. But they aren’t supporting a war to make it a post Saddam Iraq. That just doesn’t make sense to me.

It’s just preparing contingency plans. The UN does not support a war on Iraq to throw Saddam Hussein out. Nevertheless it looks reasonably certain that the US may tell the UN to take a hike and get rid of Saddam on its own. Given that very real possibility the UN would like to be prepared to manage an post-Saddam Iraq. If they don’t they leave it to the US to do as it pleases. The UN and its member states would like to have a say in what goes on there to protect their own interests.