Post Some Metal

Alien Weaponry, “Kai Tangata”. These kids have been around a few years - they started out when they were literally children - and just keep getting better and better. Big Sepultura influence, which is never a bad thing, and metal just sounds better sung in Maori. If you scroll down the comments, there’s a handy translation.

1000mods - Above 179

Thuum - Hafgufa

Dr. Octagon - Karma Sutra

ETA: I liked that Alien Weaponry tune a lot. Exploring their bandcamp now.

I like metal. Some of it, but not all of it. I like this one, and I’m old. Megadeth Hangar 18.

I thought you might :slight_smile: They put on a great live show, too.

Heavy Temple, live full concert. I was almost at this show, but my ride fell through. I think I’m too old to be writing sentences like that, but fuck it.

Sleep-Sonic Titan

Mastodon, “Steambreather”. 'Cos you just can’t go wrong with Mastodon.

Sepultura - Phantom Self
It’s not their best, but it is new and was probably the best metal song of 2017.

I wanna be the guy who get’s credit for introducing y’all to this band: Harm’s Way - Become A Machine

I really like how Sepultura has become this cyberpunk concept prog metal band. I wish they were capable of some bangers at times, but then I hear something like this and I realize that they are very good at what they do and that they’ve carved a nice niche for themselves, kinda like Coheed & Cambria but with better music and vocals and subject matter.

I can’t hang with the “best metal song of 2017” thing tho, not when there’s contenders like Iron Monkey - Toadcrucifier - R.I.P.P.E.R. or Power Trip - Executioner’s Tax or Revelation None - Storming The Heavens (Warfare), etc.


Lots of fantastic releases last year, eh. 2017 was definitely a Good Metal Year.

Cripple Mr. Onion, “Nevermore”. Prog as fuck, slow-burning, and all the better for it. And more Kiwi metal with Devilskin and “Little Pills”, cos Jennie Skulander has a terrific metal voice.

I saw it live, but I haven’t seen it on Youtube: Bob Dylan did a metal version of “Man in the Long Black Coat” many years ago. It must have been around the time Warren Devon died, because he covered “Werwolves of London” at the same concert. Anyway, it sounded great with his creaky voice.



/runs away

Snowboarder Bo: I can’t listen to your first post:(


Is this all-time or right-now-and-kinda?

In case it is whenever.

Sky Pilot.

Napalm Death trying out nu-metal

Baroness, “Chlorine and Wine”. Huge and beautiful.

And Dying Fetus, “Wrong One To Fuck With”, because sometimes you just want to hear a brutal onslaught.

And High on Fire with “The Black Plot”, because the cartoon video is the most metal thing ever. Also the warrior gets Kirby Dots when he powers up to slay the beast.