Post-Surgery Leg Massage Device?

A few years back I had surgery, and when I was back in my room afterward and finally woke up from the sedation, I recall that my lower legs were in this boot-type device that was massaging and kneading my legs, ostensibly to avoid any risk of blood clots.

What are these devices, what are they actually called and how do they work?

I think what you’re referring to is usually called a sequential extremity device. Comprising two boot-like sleeves and a programmed air pump, the device uses pressure to force venous blood and/or excess interstitial fluid out of the lower legs, and, hopefully, back into circulation.

Each sleeve contains three chambers, which are inflated and deflated in a sequence that sweeps up the lower leg. This prevents blood from pooling in the lower legs or feet, hence preventing blood clots.

That’s what it was, Nametag. Thank you!

My mother had this for a while. Every evening she’d go upstairs to have her legs squeezed for an hour or so. I remember my dad had to help her into them and then she’d signal with a set of low-power walkie-talkies to my dad downstairs to go help her out of them.

I don’t know how this compares to post-surgical devices, but my wife has one of these, which are similar. Brookstone usually has some to try out in their stores.

Sequential Compression Device or sometimes Sequential Extremity Pumps are the two most commonly-seen terms…

Here’s a link:

I would like to have a portable unit to wear during military funerals and other veteran duties that require standing for long periods of time. And today 10 min is feeling like a long time to stand without moving:o

Reporting is very useful, too.

I also had these after surgery. I thought it was a brilliant idea