Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

This is a theory promoted by Dr. Joy Leary

This is the first time that I’ve ever heard of anything like this, but it did get me to thinking of what would be the psycho-social impact on blacks that were slaves and their descendants? It seems that some pretty horrific things were done to them for a while i.e. from slavery until today. It seems we have discrimination because of the notion that blacks are inferior to whites. Perhaps white people are affected by this too. I have a chinese friend who told me that in China most of the images that she saw of black people were ones where they were always in trouble, committing crimes and consequently she has a particular view about black to the point that she’s afraid of them. I wonder how many other cultures are viewing the same images and forming the same opinions about people without even knowing them. Is this a syndrome?

Your thoughts?

Does this mean that women who abuse their children will be able to use the same type of excuse? We have a much longer history of being viciously abused and we still face sexism, oppression, and societal inequality.

If I’m reading this correctly, Dr. DeGruy-Leary contends that since the slaves were never treated for the mental and emotional disorders and syndromes that resulted from slavery, they passed down, so to speak, these disorders. Extrapolating from her line of thinking, it is reasonable to state she believes these disorders and syndromes, unchecked, flourished and negatively impacted future generations. So if you’re told all your life you’re nothing–less than nothing–sooner or later, you’re going to believe it. You’re going to treat your offspring the way you’ve been treated because this is all you know. The cycle continues for generations. This is basically what she’s saying, right?

There are, however, a whole host of blacks who have overcome and broken the cycle. While it may be of some importance to recognize what Dr. DeGruy-Leary describes (for therapeutic, psychological, sociological and introspective reasons, for example), using it as an excuse is, among other things, dangerous and counterproductive.

The problem with this argument is that black Americans don’t generally view themselves as nothing, or less than it. In fact, I doubt that they generally feel inferior to whites, asians, or latinos at all.

The original post seems like a possible explanation for some of the most serious issues that blacks face, though. What the explanation solves, or helps to solve, however, is precisely dick.

Come on, you can’t debate everything. Every non-ridiculing word you spend on this “issue” just validates this woman more and more.

Then don’t. Goodbye.

This arbitrary and scientifically useless taxon called ‘race’ is an odd term to appeal to here. The question is surely whether abuse or oppression for whatever reason can cause multigenerational ‘trauma’? I would imagine that everyone can trace back their ancestry to an ‘oppressed’ people, be they Jews, Catholics or as xcheopis says, women. If he has no control, he has no falsifiable hypothesis.

Many groups have been abused and ‘kept at the bottom’ thoughout history. The lack of social mobility today means that very few who by necessity started at the bottom have worked their way up. It is social mobility, the ‘rich stay rich’ doctrine, which must be addressed, not some generational trauma quackery.

If she has no control. If I thought Freud was anything but a quack, I’d say it was one of his slips!