Post your favorite Big Hair or Glamrock Band! Ahh the lovely 80

I saw the same show, only I saw it at Giants Stadium … you know, the one where Axl walked off in the middle of the set and didn’t come back …

I think I should have gotten at least some of my money back. :slight_smile:

I’ll see you Axl walking off stage, and raise you one hospitalizing flash pot and a riot at the Big Owe…

I can live with the hair, but what still gets me is the spandex. Since I came of age in the 80’s, to this day, the initial flash that goes through my mind when I need to dress up to impress the ladies is ‘oh yeah, time to put on the spandex’.

I then immediately come to my senses and wear leather pants :stuck_out_tongue:

So, has anybody else been watching Gilmore Girls just because Sebastian Bach from Skid Row joined the band?

This reminds me of the day I rediscovered a tape that had a song on it I hadn’t heard in ten or fifteen years: In & Out of Love, by Bon Jovi. I had never cared much for the song, but I somehow knew all the words. It was like being possessed! My lips moved and stuff I would have sworn I didn’t know came out.

“You want me to meet your what? Your daddy is who? Hey, just how old are you anyway?”

Just wanted to add a couple more.

Winger (my Mom LOVED this guy)
White Lion
Europe (my Mom loved this guy too)
Great White
The Vinnie Vincent Invasion

I’ll stop now. I’m embarrasing myself.

I’d like to add that “Paradise City” might have, no scratch that, has, the best intro to a song EVER.

When I saw Sebastian Bach on Gilmore Girls I had the strong feeling that I recognized the guy from somewhere but I couldn’t place him. I still remember the SNL back in the 80’s where they were on and Sebastian’s acting was better than the star that evening. They had a skit with Heavy Metal Bedtime Songs (the album) and Sebastian comes into this 4 or 5 year old kid’s room after his parent puts him to bed and they start headbanging. Pointless but funny stuff.

I was into the heavy metal in the 80s. I’ve found that as I’ve gotten older I can enjoy that music with a lot of other styles, but yes I remember driving in my 86 Dodge Lancer cranking up Damn Yankees :eek: and Motley Crue.


Hell-o-ween (still together – check out the nuts on that message board at that link)
Rammstein (definitely still together)

(ok, those were the jokes)

I pretty much lump Whitesnake, Great White, White Lion, Poison, White Castle, Warrant, Ratt and some others together. Not that I didn’t love them, but now I think they’re pretty much crap.

G-N-F’n-R and Metallica are definitely a cut above the rest of these bands it I don’t think they’re “hair bands”.

I like the Scorps and Twisted Sister a bit.

I grew up in the 80’s and I listened to heavy metal almost exclusively. I hated most of the crap that was played on the radio (Duran Duran, Thompson Twins, A-Ha, etc.) Many of these bands I still like and enjoy listening to, though there are some I can’t believe now that I shelled out money to buy tapes (and later CDs) and even concert tickets. I can’t bring myself to listen to Cinderella, Poison, Quiet Riot, Twisted Sister or most Bon Jovi songs anymore. They were good for their time. I’m still a big fan of music from Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, Scorpions and several others, though.

I saw them at RFK Stadium in Washington DC. Awesome show!! I had the T-shirt from that show but gave it away years ago…how I wish I had that T-shirt now!

I love Queensryche. I saw them a few months ago at the 9:30 Club in DC. It was a freaking awesome show, and so cool since it is a small venue.

Saw Queensryche with Dream Theater last summer in Boston. Sick show.

While this thread is open, can I just take this moment to make fun of the people who claim that Buckethead kicks Slash’s ass? I mean, they’re vehement about it on the band’s mb, though it’s been awhile since I checked it out.

Successfully release a kickass album. Just one, and then we’ll talk. I’m beginning to think Chinese Democracry was written by George… George Glass.

Boy, you think you know somebody…

Anyway, GNR are definitely an 80’s pop metal band, but they’re a lot closer to the metal end of the spectrum than, say, Whitesnake. Appetite for Destruction is one of my favorite CDs of all time.

As far as a favorite band, I think I’d have to go with pre-Sammy Haggar Van Halen.

I saw that show at Foxboro Stadium, home of the New England Patriots. (Did they really also play RI too, Phlosphr, or is it possible we were at the same show?)

At one point, crowd members started throwing bottles and mugs at the cops on duty. Things were getting out of control, until a clever camera operator started showing women lifting their shirts on the big screens next to the stage. All the males promptly stopped and drooled, and forgot they were throwing things. :rolleyes:

I also had the T-shirt, but I have no clue where it ended up.

Okay, that was half my post… :smack:
Anyway, has this thread really gotten this far without someone posting this link:
Which 80s Hair Band Are You?

It says I’m Whitesnake.

“We’re not Whitesnake, dude, we’re Poison.”
“I thought we were Quiet Riot!”
“It says here we’re Ratt.”

Poison is my favorite hairband.

But there are WAAAAAAY to many that I liked for me to list here!

Four Words:

Good Old Grateful Dead

Not a hair band, but Jerry was very hairy.

Hello, my name is Marlitharn (everybody: Hi, Marlitharn!), and I was a headbanger in high school. I remember being glued to MTV during their live coverage of the Moscow Music Peace Festival. You couldn’t see the walls in my bedroom for all the posters from Metal Edge magazine I had taped up. I lost my virginity while “Talk Dirty To Me” played loudly in the background. I had huge hair, much black eyeliner, and many concert t-shirts. My favorite pair of jeans were skintight and covered in tiny little frayed holes that made me look as if my lower body had been attacked by an enraged kitten.

I’m better now. But I still loves me some Warrant. How can you hear “Down Boys” and not crank it up?

(Sebastian Bach is on Gilmore Girls? What channel is that on? He always had the BEST hair!)

Damn- I’m Europe! I liked] them and all, but geez- who wants to be them?

I don’t want to talk about it.
Let’s just say that I feel I’ve been shot through the heart, and that site’s to blame. (I knew I should have picked leather over denim!)

Hmm, I came out to be Quiet Riot. I would have never thought!

Hey, smoke, if you’re interested, Eric from Cinderella is in a new band called Naked Beggars based here in Nashville. Pretty good stuff, and they just released their first cd available on the website. His wife is actually the lead singer, so it’s quite a departure from his old stuff.

It said I’m Europe. I’d rather be Whitesnake. Between the two, I like Whitesnake’s music better.