Post your favorite Big Hair or Glamrock Band! Ahh the lovely 80

Remember the 80’s…Ahh the 80’s! I graduated Highschool in 88, I lived the best of the 80’s going to Guns N’Roses concerts, Rush, White Snake, Metallica etc…etc…Loved every minute of it. And I still made it to college and graduate school! :slight_smile:

My personal favorites include Metallica, Guns N’Roses and Rush. And though I do not like their music Twisted Sister needs an honorable mention for a lead singer with more hair than Tina Turner. I do not listen to these bands much anymore mind you. But that doesn’t mean I do not have a special place in my heart for them. My taste has gradually changed, and I listen to more John Maher and Nora Roberts type music.

But I must admit, and admit with a certain amount of pride that when Take me down to the Paradise City comes on I always sing along. Same with Sweet Child O Mine, and Pour Some Sugar on me by Def Leopard :slight_smile:

So dopers who like Big Hair Bands now, or of times past. Who was your favorite? And do you still listen to them? Songs???

In their time, I like Ratt and Poison quite a lot. There was a cheese factor apparent with their songs, but hair metal had a punch and spark that’s not easy to find in modern rock. Truth be told, the music with that spark now is most often rap/hip-hop.

Ratt faves – “Round and Round” (Milton Berle being in the video was too funny); “Back for More”, and “Way Cool Junior”.

Poison faves – The album Look What the Cat Dragged (the cover photos are classic cheese, but in a good way) featuring “Talk Dirty to Me” and “I Want Action”. From their next album: “Nothin but a Good Time” and “Fallen Angel”.

Ah, the late 80’s … I was the only girl in my junior high who didn’t have eight-inch-tall hair and a New Kids Trapper Keeper. No, no, not me. Jeans and a band t-shirt. Standard uniform.

A few months ago, I found a box of cassettes that I stuffed into a closet and forgot about. I decided to listen to them – Poison, Warrant, Skid Row, Faster Pussycat … and I was shocked to realize I remembered all the words.

I made myself five mix tapes of songs I hadn’t heard in ages. And I listened to them … but not while anyone else was in the car. :slight_smile:

Heh…you describe my Prom Date to the ‘T’, in 87’ :slight_smile:

As a slight nitpick, I don’t think Metallica was considered to be a hair or glam rock band.

That said, I still love this cheesy music. Def Leppard was my all time favorite. Photograph is the best song ever! :dubious:

Back then I bought anything with a catchy guitar riff and lyrical hook. How many of these bands do you want me to name? Besides the mainstream hair bands like Ratt and Poison, I bought CDs from bands like House of Lords, Black & Blue, Helix, and Heavy Pettin just to name a few.

I don’t listen to this stuff much any more, but it’s still fun to catch Dee Snider’s House of Hair on the radio once in a while to hear some of this music.

  • … hides under a rock and hopes no one throws things at him…*

With Poison a close second.

BTW- I wouldn’t consider Rush, Metallica, OR GnR to be hair bands, though GnR comes close. They’re more straight up rock and roll that happened to co-exist with the tail end of glam. Though Axl DID have really big hair in Welcome to the Jungle…

Ok…Metallica can be stricken from the list…(tho I still love it when their older stuff comes on I’ll admit they were not Glam rock) Go ahead and take RUSH off to I guess. But GNR…? Can’t bring myself to take them off the list. See .

As for Cinderella. I saw Cinderella and White Snake play at Worcester Centrum my junior year of HS I believe it was…what a fun concert:)

Motley Crue ! I just loved them in the 80’s.

Ahhh, the late 80’s/early 90’s…walking around Seaside Heights, clad in zebra-striped spandex, hair poofed six inches off my head, desperately wanting chicks to come over and talk to us, and them blowing them off when they did because we just so f’ing cool.

And when we weren’t in Seaside, we were hitting all NJ/NY/Philly clubs that the hair bands played. Hanging out at Studio One, L’amour, The Fastlane, The Limelight, The Empire, L’amour East, Seeing Bang Tango, L.A. Guns, Faster Pussycat, Kix, Poison, Cinderella, Enuff Z’Nuff, Vain, Teeze/Roughhouse, Britney Fox…Those were some fuuuun days. Constantly getting asked “Are you with the band?” Does saying ‘yes’ mean I get a free drink or a phone number? Then hell yeah, I’m with the band. :slight_smile:

Great topic…thanks for the memory lane trip.

I’m still a bit of a cheese metalhead, but the interesting thing is I can’t even listen to the hair bands I enjoyed in the 80’s (Ratt, Whitesnake, Def Leppard and the like). It’s those other bands from the era, the ones that tended to scare the femininas away, that I now (sheepishly) enjoy- Dio, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, et al.
I dunno, songs steeped in brimstone and goofy gothic pagentry just seem to have greater staying power than the ones about getting in an 18-year-old girl’s pants.

Did you happen to go to the Poison/Warrant/Quiet Riot show at the Arts Center a couple years back? Talk about a trip down memory lane …

Ah, Seaside … where the hair hasn’t necessarily gone down from DEFCON 80’S yet.

No, I didn’t. These hair-band package tours pass through every now and then, and though I get tempted, I can’t shake the feeling that most of these bands would suck and/or have gotten haircuts by now. I’d rather keep the memories of seeing them in their heyday. :slight_smile:

Seriously that is still one of my favorite bands. Axl Rose is a songwriting genius. Nobody is better on guitar than Slash. I stand by that!

I love ALL OF THE ABOVE!! I have been trying to find a place around here that plays good 80’s rock forever. I went and saw Poison last year and they were awesome! One of the best shows I saw was Metallica/Guns and Roses/Faith No More in 1992.

Sigh. I miss those days!

I hate to dis Axl, but I think the real songwriting genius was Izzy- not a single good thing came out of GnR after he left. GnR- the all time greatest band that never was.

Poison comes through here once a year, and it’s well worth seeing. OTOH, some of the opening acts HAVE either lost their hair or their chops. Winger sucked two years ago. Last year, Vince Neil solo wasn’t horrible, but not so great either. Faster Pussycat- OK. Then again, IMO, Cinderella easily gave Poison a run for their money.

I still love glam. As well as the Judas Priests/Iron Maidens of the 80’s.

Check all of the above.

Many a time I’ve been busted by the Mrs. watching VH1 Classic.

“Are you watching 80’s videos again?”

“Errrr…no…I’m watching…porn. That’s it, I’m watching hard-core pornography”

Loved GnR, Crue, Ratt (1st concert I ever got to go to by myself), and the rest.

Dammit those songs are still catchy, even if they are cheesy as all hell.

I’m patiently waiting for the day those songs turn up on the “oldies” station.

nyctea scandiaca -

Where were you when you saw that show. I saw it as well :slight_smile: I saw it at Rocky Point Rhode Island if memory serves.

** 80s Hair Bands!** Now you’re talking my language. I can still listen to this crap all day. The first song I taught myself when I started learning guitar last year was Every Rose Has Its Thorn.

The husband and I went to one of those hair band tour things a few years ago with Poison headlining, and honestly the best band of the night was Cinderella. That guy’s voice has still hung in there like nobody’s business. Slaughter was okay. They had no audience when they went on, like at around 5:00 PM, so Mark Slaughter got off the stage and took the remote mike out to the lawn and sang his songs out where we were sitting.

I made myself a hair band mix CD for the gym and NOTHING gets me pumped up more than this stuff. Jogging along listening to “Baby, don’t treat me baaad… this could be the best thing that you ever haaaad…” and “your love is like baad medicine… bad medicine is what I need oh oh OH”. Jeez, now I’m going to have to pop in Slippery When Wet for the ride home.

Iron Maiden was my band. (And I’m a “feminina”, Moody!) Ratt and Queensryche tied for second. I still listen to my tapes, too!

Nitpick: Back in the 80s, we did use the term “hair band”, but the definition was “a band with more hair than talent”. Bands we liked were “metal”. When I hear the term hair band, I sneer, “Posers!” :cool:

A couple of lesser known bands…