Post your ideas for GD threads

I don’t think we have a high enough frequency of good GD threads that people enjoy participating in. I’m sure many of us have half-baked OPs in the cobwebbed recesses of our minds. Writing a good OP can be hard work, and maybe you’re not sure people are interested. Maybe you don’t know enough about a topic (although I think “What’s up with [topic]” can be a perfectly acceptable start to a thread, especially for current events) and need some help coalescing it. Maybe you’d love to read a debate about something but are hoping someone else will do the work :wink:

Have an idea? Post it here. See one you like? Post some encouragement. Help flesh it out. Or start it yourself.

I’ll start:

Something, anything, energy-related

Direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical marketing. Maybe a “should we allow it?” kind of thread.

SAT “Adversity Scores”, described in this WSJ article: What Happens if SAT Scores Consider Adversity? Find Your School - WSJ

The opioid crisis and those naughty pharmaceutical companies

Federal disability insurance (e.g. SSDI), and is there a better way to do it. I’m also curious how other countries operate.

Something, anything, related to mental healthcare in the US.

“Right to repair”, wrt phones, tractors, etc.

Zoning, building codes. I have in my notes to reference the June 3 2019 EconTalk episode on Alain Bertraud: Alain Bertaud on Cities, Planning, and Order Without Design - Econlib
(link has a transcript, as “listen to this podcast” makes for a shitty OP IMO)

“Housing first” homeless strategy – is it working?

Most of the data I see are from a ~decade ago. But I saw this article the other day:

Open source / paywalled academic literature

Why should you pay for my Metro ride?
Taxpayer support of public transit.
I think I have a mostly-written OP stashed somewhere.

Gendered language, particularly in languages where all nouns/pronouns have gender:

Pretty much anything before SCOTUS, past or present.
And I’ll finish this with a funny Wikipedia article I found, “List of controversial issues”:

I boxed it because it lists sex stuff, just in case that’s a problem.
I’m we’re all looking for a rousing debate on Criticism of Windows Vista

Have we done the banning of cashless stores? I don’t spend much time in GD these days but I may return more.

I think it’s come up in other threads but don’t recall a GD thread specifically on it. Happy to take an extreme view on it one way or another if you need someone to argue with :D.
Or do a neutral, scholarly thing if that’s more your bag.

I lied. This year, even.

You could recycle options from this thread.