Post your latest "stupid" athletic endeavor

I’m thinking about things you did and derived some satisfaction/enjoyment from - but the vast majority of folk would say, “What? Are you crazy?”

Inspired by this a.m.'s bike ride. Every Mon/Thurs my sister and I bike 20-30 miles. We try to do it any time it isn’t pouring rain, if the temp is over 20, and if the roads/trails aren’t icy. Living near Chicago, there are significant parts of Dec-Feb that we don’t ride.

This morning was 30, but still. As we started out, flurries started down. It wasn’t a snowstorm - it has stopped now and there is <1" on the ground, but it was coming down pretty heavily - pretty much right during our ride. We were covered w/ snow. My sister said the flakes were stinging her eyes, and my glasses fogged up. Even tho the snow was coming straight down, it seemed as tho it was right in our faces any direction we rode! :wink: (We saw 2 other crazy bikers while out!)

If it had been snowing that hard when we started, we woulda bagged it, but we had fun and are glad we went. I’m sure the car drivers thought we were nuts!

What you got?

I played basketball last night, which in itself is not so stupid. The stupid part is I ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes prior. I’ve never done that, but I had time to kill before playing and for reasons unknown decided that would be the best use of it. My legs were mush after one basketball game, and I ended up playing five. Can barely walk today.

I coach a 5th grade flag football team, with boys and girls. During practice a couple of weeks ago, I called for a footrace across the field to finish the practice, and encouraged by the kids, I foolishly lined up along with them to take part. And while I was running, I watched the other kids to see who was winning, and failed to watch my step, and stumbled and hit the ground with my torso, bruising a rib and knocking the wind out of me. The kids were concerned but I had to pretend nothing was wrong and congratulated the winner. And now I have to wait a few weeks for any significant exercise because most things hurt when you have a bruised rib.