Post your most memorable or your recent memorable dream.

Most (if not all) people are excelent dreamers. Our brains construct dreams the narrative of which make a mockery of the typical fictional novel.

I have dreamed dreams that make me regret the inevitable process of erasure which the brain undergoes.

But sometimes we are lucky in that we are able to remember a good proportion of a dream we’ve had.

Please post your most memorable recent dream (or if you are lucky, the most memorable dream you’ve ever had)

The most memorable dream I ever had was quite awful. It was the most vivid dream I’ve ever experienced, and it seemed like it was about three or four hours long.

I was a fish in a tank with extremely colorful plant life. I was alone. I was fully aware that it was a dream, that I was not really a fish, and that…there was nothing I could do about it. It was three hours of me swimming around thinking “God this sucks.” So painfully boring.

This happened about 5 or 6 years ago.

I was looking at an old house, I guess I was house shopping. It was an old Victorian and very large but needed work. The owner had apparently died years ago. It started raining and the agent went running out to shut her windows. I worked my way around the house and up some creaky stairs.

I heard an odd noise and I traced it to a room at the end of the 3rd floor hall. I opened the door and an old lady was sitting in a rocking chair. She was rocking and I apologized for disturbing her, but then a chill and sick feeling came over me and I realized she was translucent. She rose up and started approaching me and I was frozen in place. At first I screamed but then something kicked in and I cried out “A Elbereth Gilthoniel” and I woke up with my heart racing and in a complete sweat.

It was the kind of nightmare I hadn’t had since I was a kid. Unfortunately I also woke up my wife.

I don’t know why this dream was so frightening, but the feeling of fear and dread was like nothing else I recall.