Post your vision prescription

In the spirit of the threads about weight and pants color, I thought it might be interesting for Dopers to see how well other Dopers can see. It’s on my mind because I just visited the eye doctor. I check in as follows:

O.D. -7.25 -1.25 x 020
O.S. -8.75 -1.25 x 165

Add +1.50

By the way, I generally understand what each column of numbers means, but if there’s an eye doctor in the house who wants to give a little explanation, I’m sure we’d all benefit.

Finally, how many of you can outdo the myopia in my left eye? I’m told it’s a bit extreme.

RT: -6.75 -0.50 008 +1.25
LT: -8.75 -0.75 163 +1.25

Looks like we’re bats of a feather. :cool:


OD: -14.00 3.00 80
OS: -13.00 3.25 80

That’s cute that you guys think you have bad eyes. :wink:

OD +50 -100 x2
OS +350 -25 x48

Without my glasses I feel drunk.

     Sph    Cyl   Axis
OD  -6.00  -0.25  080
OS  -5.50  -0.25  010

Done June of last year. I’ve worn glasses since the third grade, I believe.


OD: -0.25 -1.00 120
OS: -1.00 -1.00 070

I don’t know what the numbers mean, but it looks like mine’s weak sauce.

Here’s a good website about what these numbers and abbreviations mean.

OD: -0.25 -2.50 x025 (after cataract)
OS: Balance (no vision)
Add: +2.75

Right sphere -2.75, cylinder -1.50, axis 080
Left sphere -3.00, cylinder -0.25, axis 015

R -0.50 -1.75 082
L -0.50 -1.5 098
Add +2.00

Are the cyls plus or minus? It makes a huge difference.

Ooops, those should be negative.

All I remember is that I’m nearsighted and it’s about -5.

Awesome! Your eyes are as long as SpoilerVirgin’s and mine laid end to end!

So far for the thread, you win the prize. I’ll just put it down here, two feet in front of you. It’s there, trust me. :smiley:

I don’t know all the numbers off the top of my head, but both my eyes are -2.25. Which is nice as I only have to order one type of contact lens. The ‘L’ and the ‘R’ on the lens case means nothing to me.

I’ll let you know next Tuesday, after my next appointment with the eye doctor.

I guess mine’s kinda medium-sauce compared to some of you.


  (SPH)    (CYL)    Axis    NV-ADD

OD -3.75 +0.75 75 +1.75
OS -5.75 +2.50 118 +1.75

PD R: 29.0 L: 30.0

My left lens can get a little heavy with the astigmatism, unless I get the super thin plastic that’s of course most expensive.


To compare a minus cylinder Rx with a plus cylinder one it’s necessary to convert one of them. This is done by adding the cyl power to the sphere power, flipping the cylinder signs, and rotating by 90°.

In your case it would be:

OD -3.00 -0.75 75 +1.75
OS -3.25 -2.50 118 +1.75

It’s still a fair amount of power, especially with that much astigmatism correction in the left eye.

Optometrists usually write the Rx in minus cyl and ophthalmologists usually write them in plus cylinder.

Technically, plus cylinder means the cylinder is ground on the front of the lens and minus means it’s ground on the back. In practice, nearly all lenses are really made in minus cylinder. The difference to the wearer is very subtle and not even noticeable to most people.

In the rare event that the OMD really wants plus cylinder, that will be noted on the Rx, and the lenses will cost more, since it requires the lab firing up seldom used equipment that a lot of labs don’t even have. I don’t know how much more, because in 15 years of opticianry I never saw a job that really called for plus cylinder. I did frequently see patients who thought they had a huge change because their old Rx was written in plus and the new one in minus or vice-versa.
In case you didnt know, OD stands for right eye (in Latin) and OS stands for left eye (also in Latin)


I dunno, my eye guy is an O.D. and the Rx is written in plus cylinder. Zenni seems to understand and they always get my Rx perfect? I did a copy and paste directly from my Rx pdf in my email.

And yes, in veterinary medicine we use many of the same terms, OD, OS, OU, AD, AS, AU, with meds given via any of those routes plus PO, and common frequencies SID, BID, TID, QID, QOD. But for eye Rx, I’m not familiar with the ins and outs since we don’t make glasses for doggies and kitties!

The cowbell reference, dunno that either. (I mean, I do, but not how it’s relevant to glasses.)