Postage Rate Increase Jan 22 - Do you have a stockpile of Forever Stamps?

I voted Other, because I have a (small) stockpile of Forever Stamps, AND I’ll need to buy a bunch of 1-cent stamps.

You see, a while ago, after we bought those Forever Stamps, we discovered that we also had a stockpile of older 37 cent stamps. We bought those when we were preparing for our wedding. They were supposed to be used for invitations, but we bought way too many. I think we had around 90 when we first discovered this cache – about four years after our wedding. So I’ve been slowly using them up, adding the additional postage each time the rate goes up. There are only 19 left, but now I have to stick on four stamps to make up the full rate: 37 + 5 + 2 +1 = 45 cents.

I’ll be glad when these 19 stamps are finally all used, and I can start using the Forever Stamps that have been sitting in my desk for – well, it seems like forever.

I haven’t used a stamp in four years. The Internet makes the US mail pretty useless.

Don’t know about that. Just this month I needed to mail some legal documents, and they wouldn’t accept a fax or email copy.

You’re right, but postage stamps and gasoline prices are two things that people just act totally irrational about. You would not believe the insane level of complaining I had to hear about today over a single penny per letter. I think 45c is still a good deal to mail a letter across the country, but I have only used a total of three stamps in the last 5 or 6 years.

That seems like a lot of work to use up $7 in postage. Double up the 37s, take the loss, and move on with your life.

I actually do mail out a few things from time to time. I just bought 20 Forever stamps. I didn’t know about the rate increase until now, so I’m glad I bought them. I’m pretty sure I’ll use them up.

Actually, the Forever Stamp was first made available for purchase in 2007, and if your mother purchased her stamps at that time, she has probably lost money, or at very best broken even.

In inflation-adjusted dollars, a first-class stamp was cheaper in 2011 than it was in 2007. With the current price rise, the inflation-adjusted cost has risen slightly above the 2007 level, but only by 0.3c.

Sounds like those Forever Stamps were a really great investment.

I have maybe half a book left. I’ll mail stuff maybe 3 times a month. I always buy breast cancer stamps, and am happy to do so.

Don’t you have to be so poor that the people in Africa make jokes about you before the cost of postage stamps becomes a concern? It still seems like a pretty good deal to me. There is no way I am hand delivering a letter from New York to a remote village in Alaska for a few tens of cents but they will do it every time.