Postage Rate Increase Jan 22 - Do you have a stockpile of Forever Stamps?

Yet another Postage Rate increase Jan 22. I’m curious how much extra revenue this might raise. Don’t most people have a stockpile of Forever Stamps? I’ve got four books worth myself. My mom bought a couple hundred dollars worth the first time they were issued several years ago. I’m not sure how many books she got, but I know she won’t be running out anytime soon. I do know there’s been at least five or six rate increases since the first Forever Stamps were issued. Mom is probably saving at least seven or eight cents on every letter. Maybe even a dime.

Do you have a few books of Forever Stamps that you are using?

I actually prefer a rate increase over the alternative of cutting service. I just wish they’d quit screwing around and jack up the rates at least a dime. We all know these tiny rate increases aren’t enough to remedy the massive debt they are incurring.

I checked yes, but more well for a little. The ones I have may be offensive with their Madonna and Child. I saw little downside to ove buying Christmas stamps.

I would gladly give up Saturday delivery. The Post Office is highly useful. I would hate to lose them. One more institution with crippling legacy costs.

A couple hundred dollars worth? Do you folks work for Valu-Pak? I use two postage stamps a year, three if my life has completely gone to hell. The last book of twenty that I bought has the Statue of Liberty on them and are worth 39 cents. I have one left.

Yeah, I’ve got one full and two partial books of Forever Stamps.

At the rate I mail stuff these days, that’s probably about a five year supply.

Nah, I only have 8 or so forever stamps left. I bought this book of them 2 years ago, though, so I don’t think I’ll be too hurt by the increase.

I have a book and a half of Forever stamps. Since I send exactly one piece of mail per month, I think I’m good.

My “stockpile” is one book. I really only mail sympathy cards any more, and the occasionally wedding RSVP, but often they come pre-stamped.

I was mailing a couple of packages – yeah, really – on Thursday, so picked up two books then. I’d had it vaguely in mind to do so, but doubt I would have made a special trip if I hadn’t been in the PO anyway.

My family still mails all our monthly bills so we use at least seven stamps a month. Stamp usage hasn’t really changed for my mom or us in forty years. The same types of bills always arrives like clockwork every month. I don’t mind mailing them out. I’ve been doing it every month since leaving college in 1985.

I purchased two books when the Forever stamps were first introduced. I still have a book and a half, and have not personally used a single one. The missing ones have been given to people at work. My grandma carried a book of stamps in her wallet all the time, so I’ve picked up the habit.

I send out hand-written thank you cards after Christmas and birthdays, and a lot of Christmas cards… plus I’ve also gotten married and had a baby in the last three years, so we use a lot of stamps. We use about a hundred around the holidays and another hundred the rest of the year. I did just buy a batch of them.

I use two to four stamps a month. I was unaware that rates were increasing, but I think I’d rather absorb the extra ten cents or so on my monthly budget than risk a “stockpile” of stamps, since I’m sure I’d misplace them before I needed them.

I buy rolls of 100 at a time for work and am proud of myself for being so smart as to get Forever Stamps last time. I neither remembered that I had bought that type nor did I know the rates were about to increase.

I said ‘what’s a postage stamp?’. Basically by that I mean that I so rarely mail anything that it’s not worth it to me to stock up on stamps. I’d lose them by the time I needed one anyway so there’s really no point.

This pretty much describes me too. I might mail 3 letters a year that require a stamp. Most of the time if I’m mailing something, I’m using an envelope that doesn’t require I put postage on it.

I think I have mailed one thing in the last three years. And I used Forever stamps purchased several years before that. I did put two on, because I don’t trust the foreverhood. I still have 15 in the book, so mailing one thing every three years with 2 stamps,so I have 21 year stockpile. If I am still living in 22 years, and want to mail something, I will curse this day for not buying a couple more I guess.

I could be wrong, but I thought there was a law that says they can only raise it by 1¢ and only have one raise every X months.
As far as stock piling them. I can’t imagine doing that. At work, I go through about a roll every two months and it wouldn’t even be worth it there. I can’t imagine laying out (for example) $264 now to save $6 over the course of a year. At home, it would just be a waste of money to buy any more then I need right now. I can get a sheet of twenty for $9.00 after the increase, it’s not worth saving 20 cents per sheet for what’s going to last me years.

Forever stamps don’t work for us.
Most of our postage is sending birthday cards/Christmas cards to Germany, so we have to pay whatever the full price is at the time. No, you cannot slap a couple of “forever” stamps on there and get away with it for foreign postage.

We don’t send that much in the US but have probably 20 forever stamps which will probably last a year.

Just checked my supply. I have 14 forever stamps left in a book of 18 that I bought in 2009. So, extrapolating the usage rate, I calculate that I have about ten years’ worth of stamps here.
Online Bill Pay FTW.

I’d guess that most people don’t “stockpile” anything because of inconsequential price changes. 7 cents a month isn’t the kind of money that’s meaningful, even to the poorest person’s budget.