Posted: No Tresspasing - >"Posted"???

Why do many “No Tresspasing” signs say “Posted”? Isn’t this obvious? Is there some legal meaning to this term, perhaps? And, isn’t still tresspassing even if there’s no sign? - Jinx

In many jurisdictions, it is necessary to give notice on open lands in order to bring a charge of trespassing. In others, there is a distinction of degree between trespass on open land and trespass on posted land.

There is often a legal definition of posted, ie signs saying so every 200’ (or whatever). Without that, many states and localities allow travel across land.

This is especially interesting in hunting season.

It’s the law in many places, as in Lousiana, for example.

LSA-R.S. 14:63 Criminal Trespass

In general, posted property is property that is enclosed and has a sign. One of the definitions of to post is to erect a sign.

      • A couple years back, a guy I know who works at a water treatment site (a gov’t facility) was told that their signs had to be in both English and Spanish.

Lib, that law makes it sound like signs simply saying “No Trespassing” are perfectly adequate. The addition of the word “Posted” seems legally unnecessary.

I kind of like the idea of surrounding my property with signs that simply say “No.” It certainly gets points for brevity. :slight_smile: