Posts that require advance permission?

In a forum where there had been discussion of the topic, I asked if anyone would be interested in reviewing a short story on the subject matter. The thread was closed and I was told I needed advance permission to do that. What things require advance permission, what are the criteria for getting it, and where does one ask?


Each forum has mods assigned to it. I would start by contacting the mods in charge of the particular forum, by PM or email, and asking them.

To find out the moderators for a forum, look at the bottom of the page that displays the recent threads in that forum. There’s a blue stripe there. Right below that stripe are the names of the moderators for that forum. Click on each of the names. Click on “Send message” to contact them.

From the Registration Agreement:

As has been said, you can ask for permission by contacting one of the forum moderators listed at the bottom left of each forum’s main page, and on the “View Forum Leaders” like at the bottom of the SDMB main page.

I was the mod who closed your thread, Shiloh2013. Seems like the hows and whys have been covered pretty well so far – specifically, in this case, you should write the Cafe Society mods (Ellen Cherry, Marley23, and me) explaining what you want to do; we’ll discuss and get back to you ASAP.

twickster, for the SDMB

Colibri writes:

> . . . the bottom left . . .

The bottom right, actually.

I’ve never been good on that one.:slight_smile: