Posture-Pedic Vs "Memory Foam" Mattress Topper

First off, I know there’s a huge price diff, but I was wondering if any of y’all have chosen the latter over the whole mattress, and if you have noticed an appreciable difference.

Right now, I just have a quees-size Sealy with springs and those “Sleep Number” and “Posture-Pedics” (With that space-age stuff made by NASA) beds look damn attractive to me.

I’m pretty much a cheap-skate, however and wanna explore all other alternatives. The “topper” would cost me about 60 bucks. I haven’t checked out the prices of the two mattresses I mentioned, but I don’t believe the hype that they cost “about as much as an ordinary mattress.”

So whatch’all think?



Tempurpedic. “Posturpedic” is actually the name of a mattress made by Sealy.

I think it would be more accurate to say that Tempurpedic costs “about as much as an ordinary (but top of the line) mattress.” Not an ordinary cheapo matress.

Right. Thanks for the correction, Hello Again!


We have a memory foam mattress topper and love it. There was one problem that we had to solve, though. It would creep inexorably toward the foot of the bed. I bought a set of carpenters suspenders in the Sears’ tool department and made up some heavy duty clips, using the suspender clamps, to keep it from moving.