Pot Tarts, Cap'n Chronic, and...

This just infrom the government’s endless efforts to protect us from the terror of being allowed to make choices for ourselves. It concerns Republican lawmakers in Colorado attempting to ban edibles including pot for medical marijuana patients.

Lots more could be said about the inherent dishonesty that has become the norm in the government’s campaign against medical marijuana, the lack of accountability, and the way that the press always plays along with them. That’s not what I’m interested in here, though. What I want to know is what other common products could have their names slightly adjusted and be added to this list?

I don’t have any suggestions but I think we should start a campaign to teach kids not to consume anything “found in a schoolyard”. WTF?

There’s Mello Yello or any brand of Corned Beef Hash which don’t even have to be changed.

Mountain Doob.


Aunt J-mima.

Count Toke-ula.

I’ll post more if I can think straight.

Made up scare tactics has been the way authorities have tried to educate us all about drugs since the beginning of time (meaning, since I was in middle school). This is more of the same. I learned all kinds of outlandish facts about drugs in middle/high school PE class. So many were either obviously false or later turned out to be false that I just can’t believe anything I hear from that direction anymore. Did you know that if you use pot, even a little, you can step in front of a car or off the top of a building because you can’t judge time and distance anymore? Such an amazing claim I had to test it for myself.

I have no experience with the hard stuff and little experience with the soft stuff and I am really reluctant to consider legalizing most drugs, maybe because I don’t know. But this constant flood of misinformation from our law makers and enforcers makes me wonder if there is actually a threat at all. The Colorado lawmakers would better serve their constituents by providing actual facts and solving real problems.

Tic Tokes


Spleef Jerky

One dispensary carries:
* Bhang Chocolates
* Brownies
* Buddies’ Peanut Butter Pucks
* Butter Bros Caramels
* Butter Bros Streusels
* Butter Bros vegan C Chip
* Canna Stroop Waffle
* CannaButter
* Chronic Tonic
* Cupcakes
* Ganja Glycerin
* Gold Caps
* granola
* Honey’s Apple Pie
* Honey’s Hash Brownies
* Honeys C Chip
* Honeys Choc. caramel
* Honeys Hash Tootsie Roll
* Honeys PBJ
* Honeys Smores
* Honeys Snickers
* Hybrid PB Cookies
* Incredible Edible Teas
* Jolly Lolly Lollipops
* Large Sprays
* Lozenges
* Medibles Krispy Treats
* Mo Better Cookies
* muffins
* Oatmeal Raisin cookies
* Small Sprays
* Tasteez rice krispy treats

Given that cannabis was once in the US Dispenatory [sic] and in common use for a whole list of issues to say it has no medical use is a bit silly. Heck, they just recently found a grave of a shaman with a kilo of weed in it in the desert in China with the caucasians that were wandering east instead of west. Herodotus mentioned that the sycthians used it in steam tents theraputicaly. It was used in chinese traditional medicine. I have a list of some 400-500 or so links to scientific studies on all sorts of medical problems. I can’t wait until the ;old guard’ drop dead and we can get medical marijuana legalized because mrAru can’t find a job in Holland, and we can’t afford to move there without one.

For Breakfast:
Chai THC
Mesquite Bakin (or smoked)
Toasted waffles

You were in middle school in the 30s ? Because that’s when Harry Anslinger unleashed the fear (think Reefer Madness type of attitude towards pot). We’ve been lied about this stuff right from the start. But it was OK then, only African-American were using the stuff (riiiight !).

Oh, it would be so beautiful if he were sued by these companies for, I dunno, defamation?

It was blacks and Mexicans using pot and the Chinese smoking that horrible devil opium.

In addition, the horrible Germans drank beer, which meant they disregarded temperance and Sunday closing laws and harassed good, churchgoing, whiskey-drinking Americans on Sundays.