Potato salad

There is a current hijack in the deviled eggs thread about whether or not eggs belong in potato salad. So let’s settle it: What’s in your potato salad?

I have not been able to duplicate my mom’s potato salad, but…

Yes. You must have hard-boiled eggs in proper potato salad.

The only critical thing is what is not in it. An excess of thermal energy specifically.

Eggs, yes. Served warm, big yes.

Never actually made potato salad. But the one I buy at the supermarket has hard boiled eggs in it. I believe it’s actually called “Deviled Egg Potato Salad.”

It can still be Potato Salad without eggs, but most traditional forms are best with eggs.

I guess I must have had potato salad with eggs in it, just never noticed it before, given how common it appears to be. That said, when I make it, I generally do red potatoes, celery, mayo, mustard, vinegar, green onions and/or parsley or dill, that sort of thing. Sometimes chopped dill pickle or capers. Sometimes bacon. It’s kind of a toss all together and taste as I go along salad. I’ve literally never put eggs in mine. Not because I have anything against eggs; it’s just never occurred to me.

I like a version with hard boiled eggs along with mayo, celery, red pepper, onion and a bit of mustard. I like German potato salad too, but that doesn’t have eggs in it.

I have always made potato salad with eggs. However, never ever pickles. I do use pickle juice (for flavor) along with celery, green onions, black olives, mayo and various seasonings.

Eggs (sometimes, I prefer it with eggs but sometimes I’m too lazy to make them)
Yellow mustard (just a little bit)
Italian dressing (just a little bit), vinegar can be used in a pinch

Depends on what kind of potato salad I’m making, but my favorite picnic recipe is a “country” style potato salad. It has eggs in it. It also has mayonnaise (homemade or otherwise), so it is served cold, cold, cold, kept on ice and covered while it’s in the buffet line.

The basic recipe includes waxy potatoes (usually red), eggs, mayonnaise, white wine vinegar, celery, red onions, regular yellow mustard, chopped pickles and olives and a generous dash of cayenne pepper for a little kick.

I also make a German-style hot potato salad with bacon grease, sauteed onions, bacon pieces and cider vinegar. This one is best served at home. No eggs.

White Potato Salad

Potatoes, skin on, Yukon Gold or Red, but any will do
Grated onion (a little goes a long way)
Chopped pimento or red bell pepper
Course ground black pepper

Ground mustard or cayenne to heat it up
Bacon (but if I start with the bacon I’ll probably make German)

ETA: I don’t use and pickle or capers but I will with egg salad which is pretty much the same except for the lack of potatoes)

As I said in part of my diabolical derailment of the deviled egg thread, my “American Standard” potato salad is an old Bert Greene* recipe called “paprika potato salad.” It’s pink!

Yukon Gold potatoes (I prefer these to waxy, because I like a little potato to crumble off the edges and thicken the dressing. Russets would crumble TOO much)
Minced celery
Minced dill gherkin
Chopped hard-boiled eggs (not chopped too small)

The dressing consists of about one-third the mayonnaise usually used, with fresh lemon juice and olive oil to make up the difference. It’s less stodgy than all-mayo salad. Stir in a minced garlic clove, a little Dijon mustard, S&P, and a good tablespoon of sweet paprika. Toss it into the salad ingredients while the sliced taters are still warm.

It’s not an everyday thing to put boiled eggs in there, but there’s nothing wrong with it, just like tuna salad or even macaroni salad. Or even just plain salad. The only one that it sounds wrong in is chicken salad.

As for ingredients, I don’t really know. Unlike those others, I’ve never made my own. It’s always a treat from the store, already made up. Either original (mayo), with mustard (not as good), or this ranch-style one whose name escapes me, with red potatoes.

Though I’ve also had a hot potato salad before, too.

But, but, German potato salad can be so good!

Potato salad can be made without eggs but why would you?

Red potatoes, bleu cheese and bacon. Never actually made it, but there is a place I know that serves it. Fantastic!

I used to work in a kitchen as a kid, and would make potato salad 10 gallons at a time. Don’t remember the recipe anymore.

I can wing it, I suppose.

Eggs aren’t essential, but they’re generally a good thing to put in. Mustard is essential. Everything else is negotiable.

And most “German potato salad” I’ve had is way too vinegary, but a bacon-and-cider-vinegar dressing would be good (one of my family’s traditional salads includes potatoes, bacon, and cider vinegar, but the main ingredient is dandelion greens (incidentally tonight’s supper, left over from Easter)).

I have never made potato salad myself, but I’ve eaten plenty. Some with eggs, some not. I think “American style” generally does have eggs and “Germans style” does not. Either way, I like mine with as little mayo as possible. Mayo is one of those thing where a little is good but too much is HORRENDOUS!!!

Potatoes, chopped onions, hard boiled eggs, sweet relish, hot mustard, mayo. Sometimes I overcook the potatoes and it’s more like lumpy mashed, but that’s okay too. Warm is better, but cold is just as tasty.