India has a big problem with drugs, like anywhere else I guess. I met an old high school friend after over a decade and was saddened to learn that he is a drug addict. He is hooked on cough syrup and/or opium. As I understand he spends quite a lot of money on it. I think he spends all his salary on it the way it looks to me. So do a LOT of people here. Drugs like heroin, opium, “smack” are very expensive and very much in demand and have destroyed countless housholds.

Anyway, where I live, we have a marijuana weed problem. Its everywhere. In the big empty wasteland behind where I live, next to bus stops, on the roadside…everywhere. However I have never seen anyone picking its leaves. You would think people would be stuffing their pockets with this stuff, but no.

So I asked my friend about it. He said that over here, pot is considered a very “bad” intoxicant in the nature of its effects, so almost nobody does it, even though its almost completely legal and free for the taking. Its even available in a drink form during some religious festivals.

That’s confusing, as in the US, its very much in demand. I guess people here want an “upper” not a “downer”. But isn’t pot relatively safe? If I ever did drugs I would go with pot. Your thoughts?

Badmash, marijuana is illegal to use in the United States (the laws of which we recognize on this message board). While your OP may have had at least one objective question, it also seemed to be asking about general illegal drug usage–something the SDMB does not want discussed. The Internet has plenty of web sites devoted to the topic, however, so you might consider taking a gander at what they have to say on the matter.