POTUS alternative plans for weather.

Does the POTUS not have alternative travel plans in place for when the weather grounds his helicopter?

Apparently whenever the POTUS takes a helicopter there’s always a motorcade on stand-by in case of either weather or mechanical failure, though it may also have been delayed due to traffic concerns if they didn’t plan it out like they should have.

Apparently, Obama did.

When the weather is too bad at Camp David, Marine-1 has an alternate landing zone in Thurmont, then motorcade up to Camp.

They always have contingency plans for bad weather. I remember when President George H.W. Bush once left his Maine seaside home a day or two early because the Secret Service was getting antsy about a major storm moving up the Atlantic coast.

Yea, but contingency plans are easier in the US then abroad. And probably have a lot more flexibility.
If the French say “non” to the only other option, what exactly is the staff to do?

Call in a U.S.M.C. detachment. Seriously, if the POTUS needs to get somewhere while overseas then the host country will pretty much move Heaven and Earth to make it happen (especially if the movement is dictated by safety concerns). They do this because they know that if they don’t, we will. Less paperwork and unwanted attention all the way around if they make every effort to ensure things go smoothly.

Did the French say no to an alternate plan? It sounds like Trump just couldn’t be bothered.

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Other world leaders took cars to the ceremony. Security wasn’t an issue for any of them. A car was available to Trump.