Poul Anderson, Game of Empire

I was very happy to find it in a ebook file that I had not read.
Admiral Flandry, a tigery (sp), Wodenite and attractive human girl as protagonists. Who could ask for more?
Did Anderson write anything else using this Flandry like group?

Linky link link? Anderson is wonderful, and Flandry is… Well, “haunting” is a good word. The Flandry cycle is dark and cold and chilling. “A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows” is one hell of a novel.

Anderson’s SF has some problems. For instance, the idea that a human can pilot a spaceship better than a computer can. Ahem, cough, cough, BULLSHIT! But it’s a nice sentiment, and the notion of humanizing the future is a noble one. Anderson also cuts corners now and then in his plots. Little things, minor dramatic pecadillos.

All taken with all, he’s one of the best, with a rich, poetic, highly descriptive style. He said that he liked to evoke all five of the reader’s senses on every page.

Anyway, link, please! I don’t think I have this one! (And…if I do, I’ll enjoy rereading it!)

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Anderson describes something like “miniature vacuum tubes” as the working of spaceship electronics. He had no knowledge of our computers.

Game of Empire was an attempt by Anderson to spin off a series based on Flandry’s daughter Diana, but from what I understand it didn’t sell very well, so he gave up making a new series.

That’s too bad. The tigrey guy was pretty cool, bringing back a mersian head as evidence. :slight_smile: