Power Cord Question (Mac)

I have an iBook, which has the power plug on the right side. In the two or three places I most frequently use it, the electrical outlet is on the left. (No, that can’t really be rearranged.)

Invariably, the power cords fray right at the neck, just by the plug that goes into the computer. The rest of the cord is fine, but useless, and I always end up grumbling about paying Apple’s ridiculous prices for a new cord, when I know it’s just going to fray again, because that spot is so fragile.

Are there solutions I don’t know about? I’m fairly clueless, I admit, when it comes to technology. Is there a stronger cord that I can buy somewhere? Is it possible to switch the power plug to the left side? Any other helpful ideas?

Thanks for any insight.

Make a “cone” of silicone rubber from the plug back along the cord around 2" or so. It’s ugly, but it will force the cord to make a gentler bend (gentle ben?).

I agree that this drives me insane. I wonder if the new magnetic plugs have the same problem. If you put any pressure on them whatsoever, they pull out. OTOH, replacing them is probably twice as expensive.


Thanks for the idea! Where can I get silicone rubber?


I just discovered that the charging cord for the iPod I’ve had less than six months has the same problem. It makes me mad, since now I’ll have to replace that.

I think aquarium sealant will work. Silicone caulk would work as well.

I actually just looked at the new power cord in comparison. The new ones are thicker. That doesn’t do you any good though.

strain relief is a historical problem with apple laptop power cords. Anything you use to keep the cord straight (near the connector) will help prevent it dying at the point where it plugs in. You could “splint it” with a paper clip. This nice thing about silicone is that it lets the cord gently bend. A stiff splint just transfers the problem down a little to where the cord does bend.

The magnetic (“magsafe”) chargers have also had problems fraying right by the connector - sometimes shorting out dramatically. Apple is aware of the problem and will replace a burned out magsafe charger at the apple store, even out of warrantee.Store staff may put up some mild resistance to replacing out of warrantee but I’ve replaced two by being persistant and nice about it.

The latest magsafe connectors have a more substantial collar and seem to be holding up better

I have the same problem. I just got an extension cord so I can run it around to the other side of my desk where the macbook’s power supply plugs in and doesn’t put stress on the cord