Power efficiency guide - Perpetual Motion and Energy Freedom.

I got to the website https://powerefficiencyguide.com (not a clickable link) through a click bait link from a respectable website like Washington Post or something, I was surfing.

Of course, it is a scam. It is basically a perpetual motion machine that you can set up for $106, and it will supposedly reduce your energy bills to almost zero. All for the low price of $50. I searched the internet for YouTubers who would have a field day debunking this but didn’t find any.

There are many other websites built up around it, claiming to be skeptical, but then they are blown away when they try it and have amazing results, and they have an affiliate link for your convenience. Watch now before big business makes these sites shut down!

There are scam posts on Quora, legitimate sites, and the whole thing is run through ClickBank. One kind of funny quote said the author was blown away with the results and is now replacing the nuclear industry in Germany.

Not to sound too naive, but why does nobody do something about such a site? Why do websites damage their credibility by letting them advertise? Can you tell any lie under the guise of free speech? They eventually through Kevin Trudeau in jail.

Crap, the link is clickable, even though I did not put in the code. Can a moderator please fix it? I have reported the thread.


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