"Power of Myth" Appreciation Thread


I see it differently, but then, you already know that.


I’m still not understanding why Campbell deserves the vitriol you’re throwing at him. I haven’t read the Celestine Prophecy myself, so I can’t comment on it.


Sounds like you want to censor the poor guy. :slight_smile: You know he’s been dead for 15 years, right? And frankly, I don’t see what is wrong with empowering people(I take it that’s what you were saying), either.

I do hold a dissenting opinion, of course, but I respect yours as well.

I liked the series. My favorite parts were his retelling of “The Humbling of Indra” and his funny and apt put-down of PCs as containing “an Old Testament God with a lot of rules and no mercy!” I used it as a sig for a while. I wonder why the Mac community never picked up on that.

I didn’t find a recent article in Skeptical Inquirer. I think the article CalMeacham referred to is by Martin Gardner and it first appeared in the Washington Post’s Book World of 11/24/91 as a review of a Campbell biography. The article is reprinted in Gardner’s collection Weird Water and Fuzzy Logic. There it is titled, “Joseph Campbell, ‘Racist’”.

Gardner writes:

Among Gardners sources:[ul][]Amy Taubin, “Hit or Myth”, Village Voice, 12/12/89[]Brendan Gill, “The Faces of Joseph Campbell”, New York Review of Books, 9/28/89 and letters written in replySarah Churcher, “Moyer’s Myth-deeds”, Penthouse, 4/90[/ul]