Power outage—how long will food in ‘fridge/freezer last?

We lost power for about 36–40 hours. The fridge/freezer side-by-side is about six years old, the freezer chest is about two months old. Both were fairly full, but not overflowing. We threw out the milk, but what about everything else? Any guidelines out there for how long those things will keep their contents cool/frozen?

Hard to say without more details. My deep chest freezers are kept full, if there is empty space I put jugs of water in to take up the extra space. I’ve had several day power outages where everything stayed frozen, but I’m careful to leave the lid closed and cover with extra insulation.

Refrigerator/freezers might go a day if you leave the doors closed. Past that, I probably wouldn’t trust stuff unless the frozen stuff was still pretty frozen.

Keep in mind though that a lot of stuff we typically refrigerate, doesn’t really require refrigeration at all, eggs, Miracle Whip, catsup and most anything with a significant amount of vinegar in it.

Best hope is to never open the door after the power goes out, until the power is restored.