Power Plates

My gym has recently bought two power plates. Ignoring the effects on weight/toning/fitness, does anyone know if there are any side effects from using a power plate? After three sessions i’ve had bad indigestion-something i never normally suffer from. Could this be from the power plate?

I don’t know.
Don’t even know what a power plate is.
Here it is:
A New Way to Shake Off the Pounds

You can get one of these from Brookstone and sit on it. The also carry the Power Plate

That iGallop looks like a Sybian that’s gone respectable…


From reading the copy on sites selling these things, “stimulation of peristalsis,” is a minor selling point. There are even a few patents on vibrators of one type or another that are supposed to cure constipation. So, yes, it probably is causing your indigestion.

If you want to incorporate instability in your workout, try using an exercise ball or balance cushion. While there may be some clinical or rehabilitative benefits from using a vibrating plate, it looks pretty gimmicky for regular exercise, which is par for the course in the mainstream fitness business, I’m afraid.

I saw something on a late-night infomercial that was used with a ridiculously suggestive thrusting movement. The women using it hung on to a handlebar and had their feet on another bar; the exercise consisted of pulling the bar to the chest while pushing with the feet. All they needed was a dildo on the “saddle” and it could have passed for one of those convoluted sex machines on a bondage site. No idea what it was called.

Thanks, it seems noone knows much about them at the moment. Apparently astronaughts use them in space to stop their muscles deteriorating.

Steel, i use an exercise ball most days aswell as running long distances and swimming every day…ive had a play around on the power plate to experience what its like and because they are meant to be good for osteoporosis. Thanks for the advice though.

opps thats meant to be sleel not steel!

Not a problem. Happens a lot with my username.