Power surge to my new laptop, what damage did I do?

Stoopid me… :smack: :wally

Yesterday while connecting a new printer to my two-month-old laptop, both were hit with a power surge that took them out. There was a large spark inside the printer, followed by a burning smell and a few wisps of smoke. The laptop just went instantly dead. The printer and the laptop were connected via USB port and were both plugged into the same wall outlet. The outlet was not GFCI, nor did I have a surge protector in place (I know, I know). :smack:

Not so concerned with the printer, but my Dell Inspiron 8600 was a big expense and loaded with all kinds of valuable data. The laptop AC adapter appears to be fried. I know the battery was fully charged before, so when I try to power it on, the power light comes on a few seconds and then nothing at all. I removed all the modular devices and tried again with no luck. A PC geek down the road was able to backup data from the hard disk so that appears to be working. Did I likely fry the motherboard? Processor? Some easy & inexpensive to replace chip or card inside?

Can anyone recommend a repair place to try before I contact Dell? I assume Dell will provide non-warranty repairs on their products? Any suggestions at all…

I would say power supply not the mother board.

Surges usually fry the internal power supply of a computer and the surge breaks before hitting anything too serious. the mother board could be another issue.

At any rate send the badboy back to dell for repair