Powerball - do you bother to check you non-jackpot tickets?

Before I even got out of bed this morning, the radio stated there were no Powerball jackpot winners in my state. Oh well, it was a nice fantasy for a few days but time to move on with life. The tickets I bought for Saturday’s drawing are still (I think) in the pocket of the jacket I was wearing on Sat, & since I bought them when I was in another state there’s none of that “local ticket wins $1 million” buzz. On the rare times I do buy tickets, I’m real bad about checking them once I know I didn’t win the jackpot. Maybe that’s because today was typical; I did check them & I didn’t have a single # across my $12 [del]investment[/Del] donation to senior citizens.

Do you bother to check your tix if you know you didn’t get the big prize? Right away or, meh, whenever you get around to it?

I have a short stack of unchecked tickets. Maybe a dozen or so. I’m not a regular lotto player. I’ll buy a ticket if I happen to be picking something up at the gas station convenience store when I fill up.

I’ll probably get around to checking them this weekend. Or not.

After I once won $5,000 with a non-winning ticket that matched 4 of the (then) 5 numbers in our state lottery, I have checked mine religiously ever since.

Yes, but it could be a long time. They have the scanners at the store, I’ll see one and recall that I have ticket, sometimes. I’ve probably lost some or let them expire. The stores post a sign when they’ve sold winners in the thousands of dollars, not sure if they do that before the ticket is claimed though, so it’s possible I’ve missed a large non-jackpot amount.

When I buy lottery tickets I put them in the same place in my wallet. When I’m at a store with a scanner I check them. Why wouldn’t I?

I tend to buy a ticket and leave it in my coat. After the drawing, if I hear that the winner was three states over, I usually leave it in my pocket until next time I’m at the shop where I bought it and I’ll scan it.

I did check this one since the numbers and ticket happened to be right in front of me. Zero-outta-six numbers.

The chances of you winning a less-than-jackpot prize, while still remote, are much better than your odds for the jackpot.

For example, for the jackpot it’s 1 in 292,201,338.
For 5 out of 5 with no powerball 1 in 11,688,054 and that’s a million dollars.
For 4 out of 5 + powerball 1 in 913,130 for $50,000
For 4 out of 5, no powerball 1 in 36,526 for $100
For 3 out of 5 + powerball 1 in 14,495 for $100

The prizes fall off after that, but for 1 + powerball or just the powerball it’s $4, which is still worth checking your tix.

Odds for getting just the powerball? 1 in 39.

And the “2nd place” prize (5 numbers but no Powerball) is $1,000,000 (without the “Power Play” thing). 4 Numbers + Powerball gets you $50,000. OP - Would that simply not be worth it enough for you to even bother checking? :stuck_out_tongue:

It boggles my mind that one would not check if you didn’t win the grand prize. Seriously? I mean, I didn’t check mine right away, but I got 3 of 6 (including the Powerball), so that’s $7 for my troubles. The secondary prizes of a mil and $50 Gs sound pretty good to me, too.

I buy my tickets online. I get an email when I have that rare win.

Granted I don’t play often, & Wawa (regional convenience store chain) has an automated machine to buy them but I didn’t even know there were scanners to read them. I’ll have to look next time I go to the store.