Praise for the band Heart

This band is the most badass girl rock band ever. Better than Sahara Hotnights, Bikini Kill, Sleater Kinner, and (narrowly) The Bangles.

Heart is like the female Led Zeppelin.

As if Crazy On You weren’t already enough to grant them this status, Barracuda and Magic Man seal the deal.

Anyone else agree with me? Or am I completely delusional?

Heh a while ago I was listening to Magic Man on the radio, with my wife in the car - and the next item up was the news, featuring some story about some girl being lured by an Internet perv. :smack:

Agree with you, I guess.

Completely delusional.

So you’re batting .500 with me right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, technically they aren’t a girl rock band and never were. The singer and one of the guitarists are female. It’s essentially their band, but during the years no better than half of the band were female.

Having said that, Nancy Wilson is a fantastic guitar player and songwriter. She is indeed legendary.

Insamuch as there can be a female Led Zeppelin, I think Heart would be the closest contender. Is there anyone else that you’d nominate? Note I don’t mean just “a really awesome band with girls in it,” I mean a girl band that actually sounds kind of like Led Zeppelin.

I heart Heart, but I don’t know if I’d put them on the same level as Led Zeppelin…

I nearly killed myself after hearing Heart’s cover of The Battle of Evermore.

Completely delusional.

Lez Zeppelin. :cool:

OK, I think you have officially got me there.

Narrowly The Bangles? Narrowly?? There’s no comparison between the thin, reedy vocals of Susanna Hoffs and the gutsy, bluesy wail of Annie Wilson.

Heart can still hit the ball out of the park, as witnessed in their reunion concerts in recent years.

Delusional. How about Hole or the Runaways?

I don’t think Hole has a single song that approaches the awesomeness that is Crazy On You. I’ve never heard of the Runaways, so I can’t comment on that.

Useless trivia: In “Fast Times At Ridgemont High”, Nancy Wilson was the cute blonde in a Corvette who flirted with Judge Rienhold.

I mostly agree that they’re a fine band – right up until they released that dreadful bit of glurge “All I Want to Do Is Make Love to You”. After that song they were dead to me.

All this time I thought they were singing “All I want to do is make *gloves *with you.” Wow, now it makes more sense.

All I know is that I cannot be in hearing range of Barracuda without singing along to the hook when it comes up…

Ooooh, barracuda!

Way back in the late '70s, I was personally thanked by Nancy Wilson for buying a ticket to one of their concerts. She happened to be sitting in the ticket office when I walked up and laid my money down. “Thanks”, she said.

What, you were maybe expecting something a little more interesting?

I can’t be within 10 feet of the radio when Barracuda comes on without reaching for my aluminum bat. Fuck, they play that a lot…


Oh, honey! I’m so sorry.

The Runaways were Joan Jett’s and Lita Ford’s first band. And they are truly the most badass girl rock band ever. Especially since they were actually all girls. You can’t compare them to Led Zeppelin, 'cause the style was quite different.

Here’s a youtube link to my favorite performance of theirs.

It was their band only in the sense that they were in it. It would not exist except for Kim Fowley. The Wikipedia article in takes issue with the idea that Fowley created the band, but I was a regular reader of Creem, Trouser Press, Crawdaddy and Circus at the time and they definitely were the product of a producer, every bit as much as Bow Wow Wow was created by Malcolm McLaren. Later they learned to play, and like the Monkees, write songs. If Fowley had not put them together, maybe Jett and Ford might have had careers, maybe not.

Heart was always a band, though they did get put through the record company bullshit mill, especially over Ann’s fluctuating weight. Saw her a few years back with Alan Parson, Todd Rundgren, John Entwhistle, and David Pack doing a Beatles Tribute called “A Walk Down Abbey Road” and she was awesome.