Prank got out of hand...

…and I feel no remorse.

Sometimes he seems to be a wonderful person. Most of the time, he’s a bit lost. I never thought he would burn his Saturday editorial over the whole thing. I’d like to just wait and see if he figures out what is going on, but I suspect his co-workers won’t ever let him in on what happened.

I’m posting this in the pit for a number of reasons.

1: I have this dreadfully low post count, and therefore might be a troll, or even Australian.
2: Revenge is never a good motive.
3: Opal might read this.
4: It’s just so awful of me to enjoy his cluelessness, I figure if I posted this anywhere else it would end up here in the pit pretty ghosh-durn quick.
5: Reckless use of “free trial issue” cards is prolly a crime.
Full disclosure: He and my mother were an item for a while. They did not part on the best of terms-- all it takes is one trip to the hospital to sour things. And I had nothing to do with this. Really. Especially the “Rosie” subscription.

Fake bills not fraudulent, but just not right

Please don’t spoil it for me, I’ll let him know soonish :slight_smile:


That’s funny.

The OP was a bit obscure, but after a couple readings I was able to put 2 and 2 together.

And that is funny.

On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t have started this thread at all. If anyone can see any legal trouble for the board as a possible outcome of my previous post, please, just yank this fucker, and pretend it never happened…

you go, Darth!

Hahahahahaha! That is hilarious? Mind if I use your material?

A few pornography mags would have been a nice touch.

No offense but…this is your idea of a prank? Causing an increase in someones junkmail?

I mean…it’s not particularly cruel, it’s not particularly funny and it doesn’t make the victim look particularly clueless.

He’s already figured out that for some reason he’s suddenly getting a lot more of these subscription things. Is he supposed to immediately think to himself “Aha! I must have some incredibly witty colleague who unfortunately has nothing better to do than sit around putting my name on magazine subscription lists.”

Why don’t you just toilet paper his yard, at least then he’ll know he’s been pranked.

But don’t worry, I won’t tell him.

For a real prank read “The Rector and the Rogue.” In 1880 our rogue spent weeks handwriting letters to literally hundreds upon hundreds of NY city tradesmen inviting them to come by the house of a particular somewhat overly dignified Reverend. All were to arrive at the same time on the same day. He managed to keep this flood of visitors coming for several consecutive days. The result was massive traffic jams and near riot; all centered on the befuddled rector. (Be warned though, our rogue went to prison for this little affair.)

The prank itself isn’t all that original, but I think it IS funny that the recipient thinks it’s some kind of national conspiracy of magazine publishers. If I started unexpectedly getting magazines and invoices, I would immediately assume that someone else had sent them on my behalf, not that Publishers’ Clearing House was trying to trick the nation into subscribing to Redbook.

I wonder

  1. Whether someone will clue the victim in to what is happening
  2. Whether he will admit his error in his column
  3. What Opal has to do with all of this

Darth, that is frickin hilarious! I love pranks, and this one is excellent! Nice work!

I did this when I was 14 to a bully who has been relentlessly harassing me.

Thing is… I went beyond magazines to:

Children’s books
Miracle Ear
A variety of different tampons
Every political party I could find a card for
Porn, porn, porn
Book clubs(How many 14 year old boys want a copy of Our Bodies, Our Selves and The Joy of Gay Sex?)

All in all, I remember filling out over 100 cards in his name on a Sunday afternoon. I was 14 at the time, which is why I didn’t think of the ramifications. Yet, it was MIGHTY SWEET to hear him bitterly bitching about the latest thing that appeared for him in the mail. It was even better that he was stupid and would mention things like the tampons, miracle ear, and books to his “friends.”

All I have to say is, John M. Corbitt is a real writer? Cause his writing style really sucks - not to mention the grammatical and punctuation errors. Oh, and the prank seemed pretty mild to me. That is all.

In this country, it most certainly IS a crime.

One of our elected officials recently got caught doing this sort of thing, lost his job, paid a fine, is doing some jail time, too, I do believe.

I’m leaving this up so your victim can read about what you did . . . but I’m also closing this thread.

Do not brag about your crimes on this board.

your humble TubaDiva