Pratchett to get "absolutely faithful" TV adaptations.

From The Guardian.

They slam the “Nightwatch” production in the process:

Early photos of BBC America’s forthcoming series The Watch, based on Pratchett’s novels about the City Watch police recently prompted concern among fans due to its drastically different cyberpunk aesthetic. Although Rhianna, and Pratchett’s friend and assistant Rob Wilkins, did not comment directly on the adaptation when the photos were revealed, they both showed their displeasure by sharing a blistering article by Ursula K Le Guin in which she criticised an adaptation of her own Earthsea books.

Finally some Good News!

That is good news! I’d love to see the project given over to the team who produced Good Omens because that was a perfectly imagined and rendered adaptation and I don’t really have any substantive quarrel with it. Too bad Gaiman has a life because he’d be the perfect choice to helm the project, he has all the requisite experience and understands Pterry’s vision like few others.