prayer in school

was prayer a common practice in the public schools before the supreme court decision in 1962 or 63. I went to three different schools during the 1950’s and I don’t remember any prayer in any of them. my father went to school during the 1930’s any he said he dose not remember any prayer in school.

I certainly remember it. Now I was only in first grade by the time the decision came down, but I remember being admonished to pray to the lord jesus our savior before naps, snacks, and lunch. And this was in a public school. We were led in prayer by the teachers and administrators.

My Mother graduated from High School in around 1955. She attended a High School in Brooklyn, New York that was 98% Jewish. Every Monday the whole school assembled in the auditorium for Bible readings that more often than not were from the “New” Testament.


From the brochure Eleven Myths About Church and State from Americans United for Separation of Church and State: