Prayers for the Assassin

Has anyone read this book?.

How it ever made it into print is beyond me, it is possibly one of the worst and most fanciful novels I’ve ever read.

What a load of twaddle :mad:

I’d never heard of it, but really, it sounds pretty interesting.

From what I gather from the book’s description and some Amazon customer reviews, it is meant to be fanciful, in the way that Orwell or Baum or Carroll are meant to be fanciful. Of course, I haven’t read this, so I don’t know if it succeeds like 1984 or Wizard of Oz or Alice’s Adventures…, but it sounds like an absurd premise for the sake of illustrating contemporary woes.

So why is it so awful? Is it the story that didn’t agree with you, the style and dialogue, the character personalities? Was it a painfully slow read, or so quick that it was over before there was any meat to it? (It seems that this is the first book of a planned trilogy, so I’m guessing it doesn’t have a very meaty, standalone ending). Please do explain, chowder.


Without going into to much detail…OK?

The plot is so ridiculous as to be stupid, I mean in all honesty can you or anyone EVER imagine the USA as a Muslim Republic.

There are mujahadden in the book who seem to have the powers of Bruce Lee multiplied by 10, American woman reduced to mere chattels and other equally stupid scenarios.

Save your money my friend, buy a hot dog instead.

Also, 1984 is believable as is Brave New world.

PFTA belongs on the same rack as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I haven’t read the book, but let me ask you this.

Would the idea be more believable if the book were set in some other country - France, for instance? Or if the US was a Christian theocracy?

And I thought this thread would have something to do with the health/welfare of Jody Hamilton–who has a new autobiography either out now or coming soon…

IMHO the only countries that this book would be believable would be those that are already predominantly Muslim. If for example Iran/Iraq/Kuwait and the whole of the middle east united and formed one country under one flag.

A frightening thought really when you consider that those countries are sitting on an oil lake, they could very easily hold the rest of the world to ransom.

As for the US being a theocracy, again this also would be stretching the imagination

Y’know, novels set in the future aren’t always meant to be predictions, or even believable. Often they are warnings. To whit 1984, Fahrenheit 451, Animal Farm, Make Room Make Room …

…Brave New World, The Handmaid’s Tale, V For Vendetta*. I really don’t have any trouble taking the concept of America as an Islamic theocracy seriously. It’s sure as heck not going to end up that way for our America, but in Literary-Alternate-Universe world, I’ve read crazier.

And I stand by thinking it’s an interesting jumping off point for the story. Warning taken, but I may just have to try this book (once it’s out in paperback).

*Graphic novel, but same idea.


With the greatest respect to you both.

1984,Brave New World, Make Room Make Room are quite believable.

Fahrenheit 451 not so.

Animal Farm was intended as a skit at the Communist system “All Animals are Equal, some are more Equal than others”

I confess to having not read The Handmaids Tale or V for Vendetta altho’ I guess I’ll get round to them.

I still, no matter what, get my head around the fact that PFTA got to print and hope and pary that Ferrigno does not turn it into a trilogy because out of sheer self masochism I’ll have to read the bloody things.:slight_smile:

Insert “Can’t” before get :slap:

:smack: not slap D’oh