Pre-existing conditions

So I’m eating lunch in a local diner, enjoying the day’s special, meatloaf, and reading on my kindle. In the booth next to me are two women that appear to be friends chatting about their families and problems they each are experiencing.
Soon the conversation turns to Obamacare and one exclaims how happy she is that it was upheld in the Supreme Court…she is especially glad that the pre-existing conditions clause for insurance was upheld, whereby insurance companies can no longer deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. The friend acted surprised because she wasn’t aware of any chronic health care issues that she had. The first woman then says it’s not health insurance that she needs but insurance for her car. That her husband had wrecked his last year and they didn’t have insurance, but now they were going to go and get it insured and get it fixed. :eek:

I almost spit out the tea I was drinking. The friend just said, “cool”. I just went back to my book. I figured I would let GEICO correct their misunderstanding.

Exclusions: brain death still counts as a non-covered pre-existing condition.

Wow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, I WISH it worked that way. :smiley:

Bwahahahahaha, that’s awesome. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

This right here…

:smack: That is just mind-blowing. Wow.

Is it possible she was joking?

Occasionally when I’m having lunch with a friend of mine, who shares my sense of humor, I will state something completely ridiculous, matter-of-factly. He’ll then acknowledge that he got the joke by not reacting very much at all.

Example (not particularly funny, but for illustrative purposes only):

Me: I was talking with my wife about how we missed our childfree years, and we decided to try and sell our kids on eBay.
Him: Sounds good.

I guess anything’s possible. But, my sarcasm meter is usually pretty attuned. The expression seemed sincere.