Pre-Heat My Light Bulbs?

I keep my incandescent light bulbs in my (unHVAC) garage. In the winter, it can get quite cold in there. So, I was wondering (but I kept to forgetting to ask) if the bulbs should be warmed up in my hands to bring to room temperature before using? Would the glass crack, or did GE think about this??? Are they pyrex?

  • Jinx Hmm…

Don’t you have a porch light outdoors? Think about that for a moment.

In a cold dark garage you are thinking of unscrewing your light bulb, warming it up in your hands and then screwing it back in?

No, the expansion/heating does not take place fast enough to cause breakage.
Now, take a hot bulb and splash cold water on it and it will break.

Aren’t they already at room temperature?

Not a problem (as everyone else has mentioned). But, I have heard that the filament gets more brittle/fragile as the temperature is decreased. If this is true then you may want to be a little more gentle when handling cold bulbs. By the same token I have heard that an incandescent bulb is most robust when it is on

Right, if your hammering nails or staples into the joists, remove the light bulbs first. All the vibrating can and will break the filament inside the bulb. Whether it`s off or on. The ones that are one DO tend to be less fragile.

That should read, " the ones that are on DO tend to be less fragile"

If you’re really that worried about it, why don’t you keep a couple of bulbs in the house at all times (in the pantry or under the stairs) in case you need to change one in a hurry. Or is space really that limited?