Pre-Home Run Derby: The best Home Run ever.

Ok, not that I really care about the Home Run derby, but baseball has no doubt an incredibly legacy of important home runs in its history. And everyone (including myself), will have personal biases to what is the single best home run moment ever.

So, what is yours. Not necessarily the best home run ever, but the best home run moment.

Some obvious ones:
[li]Bobby Thomson[/li][li]Hank Aaron (715)[/li][li]Joe Carter[/li][li]Roger Maris[/li][li]Mark McGwire (62)[/li][li]Carlton Fisk[/li][li]Kirk Gibson[/li][/ul]

For me, the clear #1 is Kirk Gibson’s. No, it didn’t win a Series (directly), nor set a record. But I still recall watching that game, and the incredible drama leading up to that, with Gibson disappearing down the dugout tunnel, his clear inability to run, etc.

So that’s my #1 home run moment of all time.


You got mine already, but then I bleed Dodger blue for half the year.

I can still close my eyes and see the fist pumping and that expression on his face.

Gotta go with Bill Mazeroski’s homer to win the '60 series.

Robin Ventura’s “Grand Single”, which isn’t technically a HR (because he didn’t make it all the way around), but it left the park.

I never saw Mazeroski’s, but I clearly remember Carlton Fisk waving the ball fair. Gibson’s was equally unforgettable.

But my personal best moment was Ozzie Smith (who had a career total of 28 home runs) tagging one off Tom Niedenfurer in the '85 NL Championship.

Heck, I once saw a 40+ year old Fisk steal a base.

For me personally it was sitting in the left field stands at Cal Ripken’s 1500th consecutive game. He hit two within a few feet of me. Great fun.

Otherwise I’ll go with Thompson. That’s classic, there.

Joe Carter wins the 1993 World Series.

Ah, the “Go Crazy!” homer.

As far as homers I’ve seen, I’m going with Jim Edmonds’ game-winning walkoff shot in Game 6 of the NLCS last year. He managed to uppercut a ball that was almost over his head, and drilled it to send the series to Game 7.

Mazeroski’s is probably number 1 – it won the World Series in an amazing comeback.
Thompson’s is #1 – if only for the radio call.

As a Mets fan, the Grand Slam Single is a great moment, but not up there.

The greatest home run where I was personally present was Roger Maris’s 61st.

You also have to recall that the game was the LONGEST in postseason history. 15 innings of the teams fighting to get that last run, culiminated with one of the strangest ways to win.

Some other nominees:

Bucky Dent (sorry, Red Sox fans)
Reggie, Reggie, Reggie! (OK, it’s three home runs, but still. . .)
Dave Henderson off Donnie Moore in 1986
Ted Williams’ last at-bat
Ted Williams off Luke Sewell’s eephus pitch
Babe Ruth’s uncalled (?) shot

and a personal favorite:

Scott Hatteberg’s walk-off in the 9th inning to extend Oakland’s win streak to 20 games

What, no mention of Ortiz in last year’s ALCS game 4 in the bottom of the 12th? That’s still clear as a bell in my mind.

The correct name is Bucky F’n Dent. :wink:

Might as well include then, Aaron F’n Boone

I’m voting with Joe Carter’s walk off homer in 1993.

I year or two later I remember seeing a huge mural on a blank wall of a building facing Skydome. It was Carter in mid-swing against a black backround with the date and time in the corner of when he hit the ball. I saw that picture and could remember watching the game with him dancing around the bases.

As a long suffering Bills fan, I was thrilled to have a team I’ve rooted for most of my life win.

What about Babe Ruth’s last at-bat?

What happened with this? Did Ventura get injured part of the way around the bases or something?

Babe Ruth didn’t hit a home run in his last at-bat. He did hit three home runs for the Braves in one of his last games. His last home run went clear out of Forbes Field.

He was mobbed by his teammates after touching first and wasn’t able to complete his trip around the bases.

Okay, #714 then. I was under the impression that was his last game.