Pre-Poll: Funniest Movie Of All Time

Blazing Saddles


“I had to stop her from screaming!”

Since Blazing Saddles and Airplane! are already taken…

I have to say Airplane! :smiley:

Two not seen so far:

Naked Gun (Police Squad first movie)

Ruthless People.

Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels

Oh bloody hell…just did a google search and Ruthless People is also a Abrahams, Zuxker and Zucker film (like The Naked Gun and Airplane!). I didn’t know that. I guess they just hit my funny bone.

The Big Lebowski

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Second choice Duck Soup


Young Frankenstein

(What knockers!)

(gawd, I’m so original)

I have to say though…that I knew I was getting older when I would quote Blazing Saddles and the young ens out there didn’t know where it came from. Blazing Saddles was the most quoteable movie of my generation.

I still have to resist (and sometimes unsuccessfully) whenever I play Battleground Europe and someone asks me if I have a plan…
…well…I thought we’d go aridin inta town…a shootin and ahollerin…killin everything in sight.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

“You’re fucked.”

Nice to see Clue on here, though. Excellent movie.

A Fish Called Wanda

“The London Underground is not a political movement!”

That’s stupid.

Office Space

Going old school:

Arsenic and Old Lace

I can’t possibly pick THE one, but since so many of my all-time faves have already been posted I want to add this to the list:

“What’s Up, Doc?”
(“Mister Pleasure, it’s a Larrabee to …”)


This Is Spinal Tap

Well most of my favorites have been said, so I will go with underrated comedy. The Party, with Peter Sellers.