Predict this election's October surprise

Let’s see…eight days to go. Senator McCain is behind and getting behinder. But his party still controls the White House, CIA, State Department, DOD, and not a few state governments. Sounds like it’s time for an October surprise.

Care to make a prediction? Anyone? Bueller?

Someone who spent their undergraduate and graduate collegiate years with Obama comes forth with his membership in Communist Party clubs, Anarchist Clubs, Muslim Terrorist Sympathisers Club, and such with meeting minutes regarding overthrowing the US Government, and the like.

Whether or not it will be true, or another Dan Rather style story may be irrelevant, timing-wise.

I predict there won’t be one. Has there ever been one?

LBJ suspending bombing of North Vietnam on Oct 31, 1968, giving a big jump in the polls to Hubert Humphrey, who surged and only lost the “popular vote” by 500,000.

In 1972 Henry Kissinger famously said “Peace is at hand” regarding Vietnam on October 26th, which led to a bump in the polls and a larger lead for Nixon.

1992 Casper Weinberger was indicted for lying about the Iran-Contra affair four days before the election, spilling crap on Bush the First, who lost to Clinton.

In 2000, the revelation regarding Bush the Second’s DUI in Maine in 1976 actually broke in November, but was considered an “October Surprise”.

Colour ignorance fought.

Syria and/or Pakistan, responding to unprovoked eye-poking border incursions, directly attack US bases nearby.

crank up [del]fear[/del] war machine yet again

I’m going with an adultery accusation. Some woman will claim she had an affair with Obama when it’s too close to the election to effectively disprove the story.

It’s going to be the tape of the Khalidi dinner…that’s my guess.

Osama bin Laden says “Hello, America, remember me?” in the final weeks before election 2004, with Kerry polling ahead of Bush by a razor-thin margin.

October 29, 2004.

This audio has some potential.

Any of these not tried yet on Obama?

  1. He is not really an American citizen.
  2. He is not a real American.
  3. He’s a terrorist.
  4. He’s pals with terrorists.
  5. He served on the board of the Weather Underground with William Ayers; known terrorist. :slight_smile:
  6. He’s got more than a few drops of negro blood.
  7. He’s a socialist.
  8. He’s the most liberal human ever known in history.
  9. He’s a communist.
  10. He wants to use taxes to redistribute wealth - duh - that’s what taxes do!
  11. He will bring another holocaust on the Jews (email to Jewish voters in PA).
  12. He will assault, molest, and carve backward "B"s into white women in the street. Yeah, not really McCain, but enough folks initially believed (talking to you, Drudge).
  13. He is personally registering thousands of fake voters in all 50 states.
  14. He will be taking oath the of office on a Koran.
  15. He’s a Muslim.
  16. He’s a radical.
  17. He agrees with everything his “I hate America” pastor said.
  18. His tax plan will destroy “Joe (Sam) the Plumber” and the middle class by saving him money on his taxes (whoops, wait) got to be something else here.
  19. He’s a Scientologist (just thought I’d throw that in).
  20. He will lead a one party domination that will destroy democracy (cue the Newt speeches about a permanent conservative majority).
  21. He will actually meet with foreign leaders before bombing them. Might even talk to Cuba - it’s been, what, 45, 46 years.
  22. He is soft on terrorism.
  23. He will cut and run from Iraq 95 years too soon.
  24. He will go into Pakistan after Osama bin Laden; some other guy named Bush stated that doctrine first.
  25. He’s still married to his wife.
  26. His wife is a terrorist.
  27. He had an early associate who was an orthodox Muslim.

I’m beat - those are my best guesses off the top of my head.

McCain’s alleged 1964 fatal car crash (not fatal to him, silly) could be something. This election has been so brutal so far it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the best anyone could come up with.

Maybe it was fatal to him and he’s a Zombie?! We can’t have a brain-dead individual in the White House! Think of all the bad decisions and … er … oh, yeah, nevermind.

The latest WTF are some vintage nude pictures from the 60s (but I suspect are much earlier) that Certain People are circulating as pictures of Obama’s mother. It can’t be that difficult to find some old pics of a woman that looks sorta like her so we should have expected it. And since she’s dead, she can’t personally deny it so, as they say, it must be true (a nice double dose of being short on ethics).

Be glad no one ever tried the same thing with Barbara Bush.

If we had known we were going to go with nude pictures, we’d have picked different nominees. We could have had Elizabeth Kucinich and Jeri Thompson rather than Ann Dunham.

Will there be an October surprise this election cycle? I wouldn’t be surprised.

Sorry, been waiting to use that line for about a month.

I think the idea of an October surprise is that something inherently damaging comes out without enough time for the candidate to respond. McCain and Palin have been campaigning on misinterpretations of that audio for days. And they’ve been calling him a Socialist for weeks, since well before October.

I’d go with the release of Obama’s undergraduate thesis which contains some rhetoric about nuclear disarmament that will be portrayed as foreign policy naivete.