Predictions for 2018 and 2020 election voter turnout

Highest-ever record for voter turnout in a midterm election is 49% in 1966, if I recall right. Wouldn’t be surprised a bit if this year’s midterm shatters that record.

Anyone think the 2020 presidential election might see 70% turnout?

Thing Fish and I have a wager about whether Dems will get more than 47 million votes (or less than 46 million) in the House of Representatives.

I’ll take 45% if someone is starting a pool.

I thought I was being optimistic at 45% so I’m pleasantly surprised that it hit 47%.

A Boatload Of Ballots: Midterm Voter Turnout Hit 50-Year High

From that link, “more than 110 million Americans cast a ballot for their congressional representative in Tuesday’s midterm elections”, and we know that the margin overall is estimated to be D+7. Assume 1 to 2% 3rd party? So give the Ds 53% of that, and that’s 58M voting D HurricaneDitka. Looks like you lost your bet.

NYT has it as 51.6M voting D so far:

Note that this doesn’t include votes from uncontested races, so the real number is higher.